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‘Irreplaceable’ team needed to produce hometown newspaper

I so enjoyed the letter that Randy West submitted that recognized the wonderful contribution of The Corydon Democrat to our community and the many, many people who made it all possible.

I would like to add to that list by recognizing those “special people” who also worked so hard in the production department. They worked diligently in assembling the paper so as to maximize all the efforts of the others that worked so hard in writing articles, securing advertising, seeking and finding events important to the community, thus creating a positive effect on everyone that received this “hometown” newspaper.

There were 15 to 20 people that assembled every bit of what we received: the newspaper, the inserts, the special ads. They made sure the labels were correct on those papers that needed to be mailed, bundled and delivered to the post office. They delivered to stores and venues that offered them for the public to purchase.

Yes, it took every single one of these dedicated people from the front desk to behind the desk and those in the back to make “our hometown newspaper” a worthy investment of our time and money.

Thanks to each and every one of them. In my mind, you are all irreplaceable, a once-in-a-lifetime team.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind.