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‘Instant results’ would only occur in a country with a dictatorship

We live in a society where people want instant results. They are frustrated that Biden hasn’t done more about the economy and crime.

But, we live in a democracy where our representatives have different opinions on how things should be done, so they debate and the president can’t do anything until they decide what they want to do. However, when you have one party in control of the House and the other controls the Senate via use of the filibuster, most often they cannot reach a compromise and the result is nothing is done. The president has limited Executive Order privileges. He cannot order the oil companies to lower gas prices, retailers’ food prices or stop the sale of assault weapons.

The only way instant results can be achieved is via a dictatorship.

I think this is the reason some people are looking for Trump to run in 2024. He doesn’t care about the Constitution, the law or democracy. He wants to run the government the way he did his companies, and, as long as our representatives are more loyal to him than the Constitution, he will be able to dictate what he wants.

The choice will be ours.

Harold Wilson | Corydon, Ind.