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Stranger’s random act of kindness greatly appreciated

My husband and I would like to thank the lady who so kindly paid for our “Elvis” movie tickets Sunday, June 26. We were waiting in line and talking about our Elvis’ experiences. I had seen him twice at Freedom and she, too, had attended a concert or two.

When I was in the seventh or eighth grade at Clarksville Junior High School, I went home and told my mother, whose birthday is the same as Elvis’, Jan.8, that the principal would not let us play his music in the gym after lunch, she asked, “Who’s Elvis?”

Of, course, we were disappointed and had to wait to get home to play his music on WKLO or WAKY.

Later, after college and having a teaching job, a friend and I were moving from an apartment in Louisville to a house several miles away. The date was Aug. 17, 1977. I had my car piled with belongings when the news came on the radio about Elvis’ death. What a shock; we were all shook up!

When we arrived at the counter that Sunday to pay, she had paid for the two tickets and we were given the admission tickets by the young gal at the counter.

Thank you for such a wonderful, loving, giving and Christian random act of kindness. God bless.

Doris and Ronnie Lind | Lanesville, Ind.