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Reader’s letter answers another’s question about ad

I wish to thank Ray Wilson of New Middletown for his letter to the editor in the June 29 paper. I had seen the ad he referred to several times on TV. I, too, had questions about it.

First, I had never heard of Senate Bill 2992 and the ad did not explain what it was about.

Second, the ad did say it was a bad bill and asked conservative Republicans to vote against it, which I found odd because if it was such a bad bill, why not ask everyone to vote it down?

Third, I saw the ad on various TV stations multiple times, so I wondered who was paying (I assume billions of dollars) for the ad.

Mr. Wilson took the effort to answer all my questions. I was too lazy to research it like he did.

I hope all readers took to heart Mr. Wilson’s letter.

Please, Mr. Wilson, continue to question ads and items thrown out at the public. You are providing a great service to us all.

Spence Wade | Leavenworth, Ind.