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Sponsors help make memories for special-needs students, adults

I would like to share a wonderful first-time event that I observed at the Harrison County Fair on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

The fair had invited special-needs students and adults to come to the fair for a free lunch and enjoy the rides. Some of these people had never attended a fair, so this was a very special event.

As I was leaving the fair, these people seemed so excited, happy and had big smiles on their faces. This made me feel happy for them.

What good memories these special people will have and what a blessing a group of fair people got together to make this first event possible. A big thank you goes out to each of you.

The sponsors of this special day were Thomas and Courtney Owen, Kevin and Donna Barrow, the Harrison County Cattleman’s Association and Owen Trucking.

Hopefully, a bigger and better event will happen next year.

Wanda Harmon | Corydon, Ind.