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PMG to ‘grow’ communities’ next advancements

PMG to ‘grow’ communities’ next advancements PMG to ‘grow’ communities’ next advancements

It is no secret that the world is changing at a record speed. What is new and modern today will be “old hat” tomorrow or even this afternoon.

When I married Frank O’Bannon and moved to Corydon in 1957, it was not the town nor county that it is today. Utility gas lines ran along the top of the ground, sulky race horses worked out in what today is our main commercial area and “town fathers” could make decisions on the spot. Even by 1979 standards, we were living in a world about 30 years behind the big cities.

We went to church, had our teeth repaired and bought our clothes, groceries and hardware all within an easy walk around the square. Frank and his father Robert worked a few feet away from each other in the building we still call “The Corydon Democrat.” It was a wonderful world in Southern Indiana, and it is still a wonderful world today. But, it definitely is a different world.

The newspaper in the past was a hub of loud activity. Words were put on newsprint paper by a system that involved hot lead type molded by an active fire within the building. We bragged the words were set by a machine and printed by an old Heidelberg press. Not long after my arrival in town, Robert O’Bannon took a bold and brave step by upgrading our printing capacity with a state-of-the-art “off-set press.” The printing press was always the star of the show with the then-new technology that clicked rapidly as it ran with only black ink. In 1992, the Clarion News and Corydon Instant Print were added to allow a broader field of services.

For 115 years, O’Bannon Publishing Co. Inc. has brought the news to residents of the Southern Indiana weekly, but my, oh my, have the tools and practices changed.

The way we move about, do business and participate in a wider world has been transformed.

Years back, I remember watching little old ladies hand roll and address the papers that were to be mailed to subscribers. Today, young and old alike can get on the TCD app on their cell phones and get the word of the day. Our once pace-setting press has been shipped to a third-world country in South America along with hundreds of others from the United States. Robert O’Bannon used to carry a tiny pad on which he noted the news reported to him as he moved about community gatherings. In 2022, most of the activity in The Corydon Democrat building centers around computers and cell phones.

Look where our beloved hills and cherished towns are located: right at the outskirts of a thriving city. We are the next place to see increased development. This means we must have an informed and involved citizenry. To do their job, our skilled and dedicated staff will need advanced tools at their disposal. Today’s news service is a media center taking advantage of the economy of scale and a boat load of financial resources.

After years of trying to figure out how to grow with the needs and opportunities of our area, it has become clear to me that a small, single family-owned and operated newspaper could not bring the maximum resources to our community. It is time for the O’Bannon family to step aside.

We have always felt so grateful that you have allowed us to part of all the happenings in our wonderful part of the state. It has been an honor that you entrusted us to chronicle the sports activities of you kids, state and local governmental action and to tell the stories of your adventures in art, nature and learning.

We have been proud of the way our community has come together in times of difficulties, such as floods, economic downturns and medical crisis. Thank you to all of you who have been partners in making and gathering the news or using our services.

We make this decision with sadness in our hearts but a mind convinced that this is the time for expanded growth in our local hometown newspapers.

Since the purchase of The Corydon Democrat in 1907 by Lew O’Bannon, the constant strength of its endeavors has been its dedicated staff. With skill, high standards and compassion they have made sure whatever the challenge of the time, “the paper got out” to its readers. It has been such a rewarding experience to work with the amazing folks who have shared their commitment to a free and open press that serves the community.

Please welcome the Paxton Media Group as the new owner and leader of The Corydon Democrat, Clarion News and Corydon Instant Print. Join them in growing the next advancements for our communities.