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Board takes action on election ballots

Board takes action on election ballots Board takes action on election ballots

The Harrison County Election Board took action on provisional or late ballots as well as those missing signatures during its meeting May 13.

Michael Harmon, voter registration deputy for Harrison County, provided each board members Nate Adams, Maryland Austin and Sherry Brown information from SVRS on each provisional, late or ballot with a missing signature on the ABS envelope.

Eight provisional ballots were approved to be added to tally, while three provisional ballots were rejected by the board.

Five absentee ballots were missing signatures as of Election Day and the voters had been notified. Two of those voters responded with signatures, and those ballots were counted. The election board considered the remaining three ballots to be “spoiled.”

Two Federal Post Card Applications ballots were received after Election Day but before the deadline of noon on May 13 so those ballots were counted.

Three regular absentee ballots were received after the deadline and were considered spoiled by the board.

Adams and Harmon added the valid votes to Election Day totals.

The election board is scheduled to meet Thursday, July 6, at 1 p.m. in the Election Room of the Harrison County Court House in downtown Corydon. Agenda items include vote centers, new candidates and campaign finances fees. The meeting is open to the public.