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Past reunions


The annual Martin and Mollie Baelz Engleman reunion was June 5 at the Mauckport shelter house and included a pitch-in dinner. Martin and Mollie were married on June 2, 1895. Copies of the wedding photograph were distributed to each family present.

Those in attendance included Nyla Engleman Smith, Jacob Smith, Danny and Alma Williams, Teresa and Don Long, Louise and Belinda Flock, Doug and Nancy Engleman, Lori Wilson, Dick Engleman, Gerald and Donna Shireman, David and April Shireman, Lindsey Beaven, Cory Mitchell and children, Dana and Grant Mattingly with Matt and Nora, Tony and Kris Beaven, Owen and Peggy Bussabarger, Missy Bussabarger, Maria Bussabarger with Jacob, Joseph, John, James and Joshua; Carl Bussabarger, Terry and Mary Gutknecht, Debbie Voyles and William Owen.

Next year’s reunion is planned for the same location on the first Sunday of June.


The Faith-Neafus reunion was June 12. Those attending were Wayne and Brenda Sampson; Zach, Dani, Eli and Jonah Sparrow; Doug and Sue Wright; Shirley Faith; Nick and Pam Edwards; Troy Edwards; David Matthews; Denise Lamb; Eddie and Linda Matthews; David and Kathy Williams; Pam Lopp; Melissa McDaniel; Sunny Stephens; Emari Birch; Kevin Faith; Deborah Faith; Mark Faith; Jenny Faith; Esmi Faith; Gerald Faith; Gary and Gloria Farnsley; Roger and Pam Faith; Tammy Collarad; and Scott and Vicky Bartley.