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June 8, 2022

June 8, 2022 June 8, 2022

15 years ago
June 6, 2007

Students who plan to take part in extracurricular activities — from playing sports to taking part in clubs and even driving to school — in the South Harrison Community School Corp. during the upcoming school year will be subject to random drug tests. The newly-adopted policy, which went into effect June 1 and includes this summer’s band and sports camps, has been in the works for more than a year.

Dr. Antoinette Laskey chair of the State Child Fatality Review Team, told attendees at a first-of-its-kind conference in the state last Wednesday in Corydon that a child’s death should only be classified as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when all other possibilities are exhausted. Laskey, speaking to law enforcement, judicial and other officials from throughout Southeastern Indiana at the Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation Training at Lincoln Hills Christian Church that continued Thursday, said many deaths can look like SIDS but aren’t. The point, Laskey said, is SIDS can look just like smothering, poisoning, abuse or genetic conditions. Both smothering and poisoning may be intentional or unintentional, she said.

Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor of Depauw has been named editor of The Corydon Democrat. The appointment was made this morning by the board of directors of O’Bannon Publishing Co. Inc. She previously served as assistant editor to Jackie Carpenter, who is retiring. Spieth-Saylor joined the staff of O’Bannon Publishing in May of 1991 as a staff writer under then-editor Randy West.

Early in the season the roles may have been reversed. The scoreboard may have read six North Harrison errors instead of the six its opponent Madison Consolidated made Friday afternoon. Yet during the final of the Class 3A North Harrison sectional, the host Cougars (15-10) didn’t make an error and backed pitcher Kyle Whittinghill with two double plays to capture their seventh sectional title in school history with a 6-2 win over Madison Consolidated (17-11).

Deaths: Emmajean Pitts, 74; Ralph Love, 78; Evelyn M. Reising, 92; Pearl Hoch-Chism, 90; Lucille M. Tichenor, 90; Ada L. Schuley, 82; James H. Miller, 86; Clifford W. Robinson, 91; Neely M. Brown, 80; Wilma F. Kitterman, 75; Glenn V. Cline, 83; Ruth V. Utrecht, 92; Virginia I. (Jin) Meyer, 80; Margie L. Davis, 79; Robert Wilson Stark, 91; Dora I. Stark, 88; Harold M. Hardin, 87.

25 years ago
June 11, 1997

The Harrison County Plan Commission will conduct a special meeting in Lanesville on June 25 to gather public input on a proposed 56-acre subdivision there. That decision was reached after several people attended Thursday’s regular meeting to object to a plan by Mark Hegele to create 99 lots on the tract on the south side of the intersection of Crandall-Lanesville Road and S.R. 62. Hegele and his partner, David Street, want to build 72 “patio” homes and surround them with 27 larger homes. They’ve requested a zoning change from A-R to planned-unit development. Because of a problem with the legal description of the tract, owned by Mike Sphire, the plan commission did not receive a plat before the meeting and could not consider it for preliminary approval.

Gov. Frank L. O’Bannon has appointed Milltown native Larry Dean Allen director of the Law Enforcement Division of the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources. Allen, 45, will assume his duties June 16.

A man who ran from Bank One at Milltown after pulling a knife and demanding that a teller give him “big bills” remained at large Tuesday morning. Police said the teller estimated that the man escaped with $2,200, to $2,500.

Corydon Central senior Ryan Lamp won third place in the discus at the Indiana High School Athletic Association girls’ state track meet Saturday in Indianapolis. South Central sophomore Brooke Beckort also won a third-place medal. North Harrison freshman Megan Clunie tied for sixth.

Deaths: Marilyn K. Norton, 55; Charles C. Johnson, 85; Ivan K. Wenning, 66; Ivoleen M. Milton, 91; Sophis E. Eddleman, 86; Joseph E. Barnickle, 68; Catherine M. Klinstiver, 77; Edna G. Smith, 98.

50 years ago
June 7, 1972

A small engine plane, piloted by Don Wood with the U.S. Army, landed amid rocks and gullies on the Interstate 64 construction site west of Corydon Wednesday night. Wood and his two daughters were unhurt. He as trying to find Salem.

Viewing the impressive lake at Buffalo Trace Park northeast of Palmyra, members of the park board assembled for ground-breaking ceremonies. Work will start this week on providing park and recreation facilities. Plans call for two shelter houses, baseball diamond, picnic tables, grill furnaces, sport courts, trails and playground equipment.

Vic Roos, former head football coach at Corydon Central High School, will move to Floyd Central as assistant to Joe Cerqueira. He will also assist in the wrestling program and teach general science.

Sam Lander has joined the staff of Conrad and Son Piano Co. as sales representative for furniture, house furnishings and other merchandise sold by the Corydon firm. He is a former teacher at Corydon Central High School.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Orville Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sorg, Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Howerton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flickner; girls — Mr. and Mrs. William Harlow, Mr. and Mrs. David Adams.

Deaths: Lee House, 57; Melanie M. Combs, 10; Agnes Schaffer, 77; Maud Dome, 79.

65 years ago
June 5, 1957

Plans for steps in development and erection of buildings at the Blue River camp site by Wesley Community House of Louisville are announced this week. Camp Merry Ledges is on Blue River on land purchased about three miles north of Fountain.

Work has been started on construction of the new building for South Central High School. The new building is being erected by Boone, Posey and Taylor townships.

Mrs. Georgia Fisher is resigning at librarian of the Corydon Public Library. Mrs. Robert Sample has been appointed to the position, with Mrs. Fisher continuing as her assistant. Mrs. Fisher has been the librarian for 41 years.

Donna Kay Baxley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Baxley, is spending this week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley T. Sieg, near Depauw.

Mrs. Fred Spatig returned to her home in New Albany last Friday after spending a week with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Watson, and daughter, Lida Ann, here.

Six boys from Harrison County will attend Boys State at Bloomington from June 3 through 15. They are Jerry Reinhardt, Max Martin, Howard Jones, James Yocum, John Brown and Burl Hoke.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lawton, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Emily; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Harold Byerly, Mr. and Mrs. Firman A. Sieg, Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barks, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Welsh, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, Mr. and Mr. Orville Jump.

Deaths: Frank Dalby, 81; Mrs. Norma Logsdon, 37; Edgar I. Morgan, 65; Frank Jenkins, 81.

75 years ago
June 11, 1947

Mrs. Albert Crayden and daughter, Mary Helen, of Ramsey left Sunday for a 30-day boat trip to St. Paul, Minn. They left from Cincinnati.

Mrs. Iva Sappenfield went to Stevens Point, Wis., last week to attend graduation exercises of her son, George, who is receiving a bachelor’s degree at Central State Teachers College.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berlin, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Hanson; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crone, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gray.

Deaths: Jesse L. Parker, 42; Sonnie Herrold; William H. Shickel, 65; David Ladusaw, 65; Mrs. Warren Byrne, 74; Millie Minton, 65; Elizabeth Wiseman, 79.

100 years ago
June 7, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holliday of Laconia went to Louisville last Friday to secure rooms for the summer. Mr. Holliday will spend his vacation as a student at the University of Louisville. Mr. Holliday has been connected with the Laconia High School for four years, the last three as assistant principal.

Joseph, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McKinley of Hardinsburg, is here visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wiseman.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. George Spencer Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Housel, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Keen; girls — Mr. and Mrs. George Partelon, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McKinney.

Deaths: Mrs. Rebecca E. Knight, 89; Mrs. Fannie Getz, 57; Joseph Al Wright, 60; Mrs. Ellen Armstrong, 64; Dr. Brice W. Reagan, 67; Miss Sarah Ann Babcock, 69; Walter (Boots) Murphy.