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Women have been ‘the power behind the throne’ in country’s time of battle

I was so pleased to see the front-page article in the June t Corydon Democrat about the women honored for their military service. The additional information written by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor regarding the service performed by women in our American wars was something that many people did not know about.

We women have always been “the power behind the throne” and took care also of the home front as well as on the battlefields.

I would love to encourage and welcome these ladies as well as any other women over the age of 18 years to consider a membership in a lineage society. In these groups, we honor our ancestors and do volunteer and service work.

I am a contact for Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), U.S. Daughters of 1812 and I am forming a new chapter, “Battle of Corydon” for the Daughters of the Union 1861-1865, here in Corydon. Your ancestors may have served from any state to belong to these groups.

I would love to hear from anyone about tracing their lineage back to an ancestor who had served their country in the capacity of a soldier or who may have provided material supplies or other services to the cause of the country. Please contact me at [email protected] or even call me at 812-738-6921 for more information. You just need to prove your lineage back to these patriots on your own bloodline. That is where I come in to assist.

Lynne C. Keasling


The Hoosier Elm Chapter NSDAR,

Chapter President

Jonathan Jennings Chapter U.S.D.

1812 and Organizing Regent

NS Daughters of the Union 1861-1865