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5 local agencies make Crusade top 10

5 local agencies make Crusade top 10
5 local agencies make Crusade top 10
New Middletown Fire Chief Mike Riley, left and Lanesville Assistant Fire Chief Tony Combs share stories early Sunday afternoon while waiting to turn in their respective department’s WHAS Crusade for Children collections. <Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor
By Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Editor, [email protected]

Five of Harrison County’s nine fire departments made the top 10 in collections for the 69th annual WHAS Crusade for Children telethon, which took place Saturday and Sunday. Two other departments in the top 10 turned in the donations at the Old Capitol Centre in Corydon on Sunday, as did a number of other in-county and out-of-county fire departments and other groups.

Coming in at No. 5 was Ramsey Volunteer Fire Dept. and EMS. Chief Lonnie Leake said they collected $26,889.29 by going door to door and setting up a roadblock. A new event that provided donations to the Crusade was the Southern Indiana Truck Show, organized by Casey Houser, that the department plans to make an annual event.

When submitting their donation Sunday, two people read some of the thank-yous. Houser, however, did not get to read his page. The fire department said it would post the additional thank-yous on its Facebook page.

Following Ramsey, in the No. 6 position, was Elizabeth VFD. Fire chief Scott Hutt said they collected $25,320, which was “down a little” from last year’s Crusade.

Georgetown Township VFD, in Floyd County, was seventh submitting $23,227.57.

In the eighth spot was Harrison Township VFD. That department’s collections totaled $21,802.43.

Following Harrison Township was Lanesville VFD. Assistant fire chief Tony Combs’ notes showed collections of $17,559.85 when he left the firehouse to come to Corydon. However, a last-minute donation changed the final tally to $17,959.85, down from last year’s record of $20,321.67.

Higher gas prices likely played a factor into the amount received, Combs said.

Lanesville VFD collects for the Crusade by going door to door, receiving donations from churches in the Lanesville area, having a roadblock and setting up a collection box at the Lanesville Food Mart.

That 10th spot was filled by the Milltown VFD, which, as always, took its Crusade money to Louisville and was first in line. The department turned in $14,300.

The No. 1 fire department in Indiana, with an amount of $92,777.31, was Lafayette Township, which came to Corydon, again, to drop off its donations.

Finishing the top 10 list were Monroe Township second, Charlestown third and Clarksville fourth.

While it didn’t make the top 10 on this side of the Ohio River, New Middletown VFD set its own new record.

Fire chief Mike Riley turned in $10,356.56. He said there might have been something to that coin shortage event last year, as the department received “more bills and not nearly the change” as in past years.

Heth Township VFD might have received the most unusual donation. Gary Henderson was flying over the department’s roadblock in his motorized glider and dropped money to them.

Fire Chief Danny Stults said their total of $14,824.11 also included receipts from their motorcycle Bucket Ride as well as what was collected during all-day roadblocks Friday and Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday.

Palmyra, the county’s most northern fire department turned in $12,067.02, while Boone Township, one of the most southern fire departments in the county, brought in $7,069.30.

The Wilkins family, using the name Leavenworth Crusaders, was back again, this time with $5,155. They had some competition this year, in the form of the Leavenworth VFD, which had not participated in the Crusade for a number of years. The fire department collected $6,363.25.

The Crusade benefits children in Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Since an endowment fund was created several years ago, 100% of all donations goes to aiding children.

When the Crusade telethon went off the air Sunday evening, the total collected for the event was$5,133,684.69.