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June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022 June 1, 2022

•I was cruising through Lanesville and wonder if the Old Lanesville Mill has been rezoned as residential or is it just zoned as junkyard. … Such a beautiful building needs to be cleaned up.

•Please think how you would feel if one of your children or grandchildren who were killed by AP 15 repeating riffle. Now, tell this to our Republican senators who refuse to reform our gun laws. … And, I don’t want to hear people kill not guns. Tell that to a grieving mother or grandmother.

•I’m gonna start saving all my gas receipts and lay them right here on my desk to remind me to never vote for a Democrat again.

•I wish they would tear down the old dilapidated house on Heth-Washington Road. … trees and bushes have overgrown the whole house and covered it … It just needs to be torn down.

•With the passing of the clerk-treasurer and long-time town manager Hugh Burns in the town of Elizabeth, I would like to see that the town board decide to name the town hall after Hugh Burns. It could be the Burns building. After all, Hugh Burns worked tirelessly for the town of Elizabeth. He worked many hours and put the town in a good position before he past on. Please name the town hall the Hugh P. Burns building.

• … Crandall-Lanesville Road has been closed now for two weeks. That is half of the time scheduled. There is absolutely no reason that this road should have been closed for this period of time. It is totally passable; no pavement has been dug up. Obviously from that, no new pavement has been laid. It looks just as it did two weeks ago before it was closed. I would invite anyone to just walk through it and marvel as to why this road is closed. Layton Construction is in charge of the work. It was my understanding that C&R was doing the paving. So, let’s get this work done so that one of the busiest roads in the county can be opened up. I think that the neighbors and travelers deserve some answers after this. We were told to be patient, but this is ridiculous. Let us at least see that some progress is being made.

•I was just watching the news. What kind of gun shop owner would sell somebody that just turned 18 an assault weapon and all that ammunition? Should that have been a red flag right there? I understand that the boy bought them legal, but I think (the gun shop owner) should have reported it. Then, they keep saying that someone left the door propped open at that school in Texas. … So, I think they need some charges brought against them. … so there is a lot to blame …

•It is illegal to own a fully automatic weapon. So, how is it any different from owning an AR15 type weapon with a 30-round magazine? I can empty that 30-round weapon in less than 10 seconds.

•I’m calling about this school shooting. Why don’t they raise the legal age to buy fire arms to at least 21, if not 25? If you can buy them at 21, the parents ought to still be responsible. And, then, on top of that, why do we need all these big weapons with these massive magazines in them? I’ve had guns all my life. I’ve hunted, never once thought about shooting somebody. The thing of it is, we got the right to bear arms, I understand that, but it’s gone too far. We do not need military weapons on the streets in this country …