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May 18, 2022

May 18, 2022 May 18, 2022

• We have some really stupid thieves in Marengo. A 30-foot camper was stolen in broad daylight behind the elderly housing. The thieves tried to pull it out of here with four flat tires, made it about 200 feet, up the hill, didn’t know how to turn the curve, got it in the ditch, unhooked it and left it blocking the road. That’s really smart.

• This is in regards to the (baby) formula being a shortage. I’ve raised three children on regular milk. Not anything different, no formula. The doctor insisted. So, I had 2% and I had whole milk, mostly whole milk. And this (was) Doc Brockman, and my kids are normal. So, they had formula at the time, but he didn’t want them on it. And, he told me the vitamins to put with it and he wrote the prescription. So, that’s all we need to do.

• Why forgive student loans when, if you just lowered the interest rate, they could afford to pay them off? Why is the interest rate on a student loan higher than a credit card? Shouldn’t student loans have a low interest rate? It seems completely backwards, but that’s our government for you. Give the student loans back to the banking industry.

• I saw in the paper that the parks department board of directors and Mr. Larry Shickles has taken over two years to do the pickle ball court there at (Harrison Poolside Park). I imagine it’s going to take over three years to get (indecipherable) park fixed up, especially that stinky bathroom.

• I heard the other day that (President Joe) Biden is going to forgive 40,000 student loans. How much is this going to cost the taxpayers? My wife and I had three mortgages on a business and one on our house. We worked and paid all four off. We didn’t ask for any help.

• In 2020, the United States exported $125 billion to China, but China imported $435 billion to the United States. See why you should stop buying from China and quit selling out your own country?

• The article by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor on Parks and Recreation and “Recreation at Home” and the corresponding pages on camps and campgrounds and things to do around Harrison and Crawford counties is what makes The Corydon Democrat an outstanding paper.

• I was wanting you to post something about the Crawford County judge, Sabrina Bell, how she got arrested for domestic violence and then the day she was arrested she got (indecipherable). Well, there is plenty of other people in that Crawford County Jail … that is in there for domestic violence and cannot get out. I don’t think that’s right. Just because she is a judge don’t mean she should get better circumstances than others.

• I was checking the Cory- don report and it says here that in Crandall Mike Sodrel got zero votes. I voted in Crandall, and I carefully colored in that square next to Mike Sodrel’s name. So, I’m beginning to wonder. I had a lot of pride in Indiana’s vote counting before, and I’m beginning to wonder.