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Every little bit can help to reduce global warming

It’s disheartening when people are more concerned about cheap gas prices than the effects of global warming.

The main cause of global warming is carbon dioxide (C02) from fossil fuels used by cars, trucks and electric companies.

Rising temperatures will cause longer heat waves, heavier rains and more frequent tornadoes.

We don’t have to wait for our government to take action on this problem. All we simply have to do is reduce, reuse and recycle.

Set your air conditioners to 80 degrees in the summer and your furnace to 70 degrees in the winter. Carpool to work, take public transportation or ride a bicycle. Make lists and reduce trips. Buy local.

If you can, add solar energy to your house. Buy an electric car and/or battery-operated lawn equipment.

Plant trees because they absorb CO2.

If you can’t take your recyclables to the recycle center, choose a trash service that recycles.

Another cause of global warming is the methane gas from those concentrated animal feeding operations. If you cut back on your meat, dairy and egg consumption, the demand will drop and they will be forced to breed less animals. There are plenty of plant-bases substitutes available.

Meanwhile, we can also vote for politicians who support bio-fuels, renewable energy and the reduction of fossil fuels and elect co-op officers who support replacing coal and oil electric generation with wind and solar power.

Although we can’t do everything, we can do something, and every little bit helps.

Harold Wilson | Corydon, Ind.