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Ag Day offered to third graders

Ag Day offered to third graders
Ag Day offered to third graders
Youth Educator Rebecca Wilkins talks to a student about eggs during Ag Day. Submitted photo

More than 600 third-grade students in Harrison County were invited to attend the annual Ag Day at the Harrison County Fairgrounds on May 5 and 6. The event was organized by community organizations and hosted by the Harrison County – Purdue Extension. Students visited many sessions, presented by volunteers and agriculture supporters in the community.

Highlighted sessions included Invasive and Native Plants by Emily Bruce; ATV Safety and Search & Rescue Unit by Conservation Officer Jim Schreck; Embryology by 4-H Educator Rebecca Wilkins; Grain Bin Safety by New Middletown Volunteer Fire Dept.; Rabbits by Ron and Patti Byerly; Livestock by Extension Educator Miranda Edge; Soil and Water by Marla Sieberns, Chris Miller and Virginia Morris; Harness Horse Racing by Ellen Young; and Plant Parts and Uses by Master Gardeners.

Corydon Central, Lanesville and South Central FFA chapters served as group leaders and helped prepare lunch items during the day.

During lunch, Marcia Harmon-Gliottone and Jean Geswein presented Harrison, the boy who disliked agriculture. Harrison is a third-grade boy who thinks agriculture is unimportant. He tries to get ready for school and then realizes, after talking with his mom, that he cannot eat breakfast, wear clothes and shoes or even feed his dog without agriculture.

The students were provided lunch that consisted of a hot dog, bag of popcorn, cheese square, clementine, scoop of frozen custard and a bottle of water. Organizations who sponsored lunch were Harrison County Farm Bureau Inc., Harrison County Cattleman’s Association, Preferred Popcorn and Day Farms.

The third-grade students shared some comments about the day.

“The thing that was good about Ag Day was that we got to learn about different animals and how they grow,” wrote Emmanuel Hernandez.

“I loved when we got to pet the bunnies,” said Aniston Likes. “They were soft and adorable.”

“We learned that a lot of things come from farming,” commented Kalvin Whittinghill. “I was surprised that a lot of the clothes we wear come from farmed materials.”

Teacher Cheryl Gutknecht said, “The students learned so many new things at Ag Day … from what an auger is to different types of bunnies to ATV safety. They were so excited to go to each new station to see what else they were going to learn.”

“All the stations were fun, but you just can’t beat seeing and learning about baby animals, so, of course, my favorite was the sheep station,” said third-grader Olivia Clark.