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Research candidates for those who will work for the people

As I now know the candidates that will be on the ballot this fall, I have decided to make an earnest effort not to get distracted with “culture war” issues or be an audience member that becomes entertained by the “political theatrics,” the captivating conspiracies theories, spell-binding suspicions and angry accusations pulled from unknown sources. Rather, I must focus on which politician will have answers or plans to address fundamental problems and concerns.

I shall look at issues like high prices. Can the politicians tell me if these “high prices” are due to inflation, greed or both? Can they tell me specific reasons of why the “big box” companies have made record profits? Who or what is really causing our inflation? Can the politicians explain to me how are they going to address the record oil profits? Are they going to call out the companies that “signed a public pledge to focus less on shareholders and more on the well-being of their employees and the broader communities”? Will they have the courage to support the citizens that they represent or will they cater to these billion-dollar companies?

We need someone with answers and action and not just accusations. The big dollars may contribute to your campaign, but I, and millions of others like me, pay for your salary and all those benefits you receive as our elected official.

Inflation and artificially inflated prices have certainly undermined my financial outlook. So, right now I’m not worried about “suggested uncomfortable cultural references” in a book. I’m more concerned if I will be able to afford to buy any books.

These issues are just the beginning of my concerns that I want the politicians to answer. I don’t care if they are Republicans, Democrats, Independents or other, I am more than tired of the rhetoric that continues to stir up anxiety and mistrust among us. I am tired of it.

I deserve answers. I deserve to know your plans or if you even have a plan, because you work for me, too. I am worthy to be represented by honest, trustworthy politicians who have the courage to put the interest of the working-class people before their own interest. I know I am not rich, but you as a politician should value the voices of constituents who you will be elected to serve. I am one of those constituents. Our hard earned dollars pay for your salary and your benefits.

As a representative, you should be reminded that you are a servant of the people. We are those people.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind