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‘Psychopath’ Putin must be obliterated

History has shown repeatedly that dictators and madmen with huge armies tend to try to invade and destroy their smaller, weaker neighbors.

Russia’s President Putin is doing that now in Ukraine, as other, more fortunate countries helplessly watch the genocide. The daily carnage and suffering of innocent people is horrifying.

Madmen do not come to peace talks; they keep bombing and murdering until they themselves are destroyed. Putin, a former USSR KGB agent, is a psychopath who seethes with anger because so many former Soviet “republics” turned to western European powers for a better life instead of cringing under the weight of Putin’s one-man rule. Putin says Ukraine isn’t really a country but historically part of Russia. To prevent Ukraine from leaving Russia’s sphere of influence, he is eager to annihilate it.

This is simplistic, but the U.S., NATO and all their allies must obliterate Putin and his fellow oligarch-gangsters with a perfectly-timed, surprise attack on Russia, from northern Finland to Turkey. Relentless air strikes should concentrate on Moscow, particularly the Kremlin and Red Square, Putin’s grandiose dacha near Sochi, the Russian naval fleet in Sevastopol and the submarine base near the Arctic Circle. The murderous Russian war machine must be crushed in eastern Ukraine.

Putin threatens Western powers with a nuclear war. How badly does he want to die? We need to call that bluff, or we will be in for a really ugly century.

Randy West | Bloomington, Ind.