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May 11, 2022

May 11, 2022 May 11, 2022

• I’ve had trash pick-up ever since I’ve lived here. … I think they ought to pass a law in Harrison County that everyone has to have trash pick-up … I think it would help with litter …

• Real military officers and men don’t have to parade in the streets like Russia and North Korea and China. I guess what I’m saying is what we have to show, you probably don’t want to see.

• The silent majority needs to speak up. We should not let hate win.

• I appreciate the Harrison County Parks Dept. and Sheriff’s Dept. taking on the task of sprucing up the island along Federal Drive in Corydon. That has always been a pretty thing to look at, especially in the spring, while waiting at the traffic signal there.

• Why does it seem that most everyone are in such a hurry that they roll through stop signs, disregard traffic lights that have turned red and drive as if there are no speed limits on our roadways?

• Have you ever noticed how these politicians has always got this abortion law at the head of their agenda? That’s all I’ve heard for last 40 to 50 years. Pass the law and be done with it. … I think a woman’s got any right to do what they want with their body. Our government needs to stay out of it. Who are they to tell anybody what to do with their body?

• Does anyone know what’s up the Leora Brown School building?…