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Congress should do ‘people’s business’ to get things done

For the first time, yesterday I worked as a poll worker for the primary election. I got up at 4 a.m., reported at 5 a.m. and finished up around 8 p.m. after returning (with my colleague) the ballots and associated materials to the government center in Corydon.

As we were driving from Lanesville to Corydon, I internally thought about the day and how it went. One thing that struck me was how well everything went and how well everybody worked together to make sure that the election went well for those coming to vote.

In the process, no one talked about politics (we weren’t allowed to). We represented both parties. Though we weren’t allowed to talk politics, I noticed how there really wasn’t any need to do so. We had a job to do. At the same time, we enjoyed each other’s company, had some great meals and “did the people’s business.”

My overall conclusion was that, even though we represented both parties, we were able to put that aside and do our job. I wish that Congress and our legislature could do the same. If they both would stop the condemnation of the other party and work on the people’s business, not the party’s business, we as a state and a nation would be much better off.

I saw it happen on Tuesday and it works, for the benefit of the people.

Glenn Thienel | Corydon, Ind.