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Responder misunderstood writer’s comments

Since I do no intend to create an ongoing debate with Mr. Spence Wade, if permitted, this will be my final response, though the irony in Mr. Wade’s claim to have been misunderstood demands a reply.

Due to limited space, I will keep this as brief as possible.
Mr. Wade misunderstood completely my comments about abortion and the Supreme Court when he wrote that I had stated “that court rulings should go along with the opinions of the majority of the general public.” No, the point I made is that in a democratic republic, decisions about such societal issues as abortion and same-sex marriage reside solely with the people and their legislators. They should never have fallen into the hands of nine fallible judges.

Mr. Wade revealed his liberal credentials when he agreed with me that “some people on the right may be too extreme” even as he acknowledged that “there are people on the left that are very adamant about their beliefs.” On the right, extreme. On the left, merely “adamant.” Furthermore, I did not, as Mr. Wade asserted, criticize “Democrats for using the filibuster against Trump.” I support the filibuster. I criticized Democrats for wanting to do away with it now that they hold a majority because it is obstructing their designs for America, even though they were glad to have and used it during the years of Trump.

Mr. Wade admitted that my bringing up transgenderism in my response was the one thing that bothered him most. Good, because gender ideology is presently the greatest threat to the freedoms of speech, religion and association. Democrats are pushing a bill called the Equality Act, the effect of which will make sexual minorities more equal than everyone else, and it includes forcing every American to accept gender dysphoria as psychologically normal, that there are such things as “trans” people and that everyone not trans is something called cisgender. I hereby refuse to use any of the 40-plus pronouns invented and demand to be used in regard to these unfortunately delusional people. With infinitesimal exceptions, gender is otherwise completely binary. I will not be convinced something can be genuine when it is opposed and refuted by biological science, objective reality, logic, reason and common sense.

I am most perplexed by liberal support for so-called “trans women” — actual males — to compete in women’s sports. All the claims that “trans youth” suffer mentally when feeling that they are denied acceptance is an appeal to emotion rather than reason; compassion would demand they receive mental health care instead of parental enabling. The fact that boys and men are running off with all the awards, championships and titles in those women’s sports in which they compete denies actual girls and women their hopes and dreams as athletes, all the benefits that go with competing and winning.

Democrats apparently have not really “questioned their beliefs about women’s rights,” because now that men are once again dominating women, if only in women’s sports, it is a clear message that the rights and feelings of women athletes are inconsequential when a “trans” male athlete chooses to identify as one of them.

As of now, I can think of only one thing that will put an end to the madness. Every girl athlete, with the support of parents, should rise up and refuse to compete on or against any team that includes a male athlete posing as a girl. Walk away en masse, and leave those fake females alone on the playing field or floor to compete against themselves.

I hope Mr. Wade will accept this in the spirit of friendly debate and is a person who agrees to disagree. In fact, if he chooses to reply once again, I will dismiss any immediate rebuttals that come to mind and allow him the final word.

Editor’s note: James A. Ritz is a resident of Salem.