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Messamore mystery topic for Historical Society

Messamore mystery topic for Historical Society Messamore mystery topic for Historical Society

The Historical Society of Harrison County’s quarterly event will not be in person but a virtual presentation Tuesday via YouTube. The topic for the event will be “Mystery of Messamore” presented by Karen Schwartz, president of the Historical Society.

It has been more than 70 years since the Vandiver family mysteriously disappeared deep in Crawford County’s cave country. The year was 1949 when the disappearance was reported by William Dessie Messamore. The police and hundreds of volunteers searched the Hemlock Cliffs area, where the Vandivers lived, for days but turned up nothing, although many suspected that Messamore was involved.

“Like a true crime episode, the Messamore story has everything: a missing family, armed bank robbery, third-degree interrogations, car, boat and jewelry theft, double crosses, rumored romance, isolated hideouts, dog-napping, arson, jail breaks and escapes, breath-taking scenery, extradition, an acetylene torch, accomplices, aliases, appeals, Alcatraz, mysterious riddles, covert secrets in lock boxes, cryptic writings, circumstantial evidence, false leads and much more,” Schwartz said.

To access the video, go to YouTube and search for Historical Society of Harrison County, Indiana and look for “Mystery of Messamore.”

For more information about the event or the Historical Society of Harrison County, contact Schwartz by email at [email protected] or by calling 812-736-2373.