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April 20, 2022

April 20, 2022
April 20, 2022
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15 years ago
April 18, 2007

In a disturbing trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon, Indiana is among the nation’s leaders in home foreclosures. Since 2000, states such as Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio have been well ahead of the national average. And Harrison County hasn’t avoided the statewide trend in foreclosures. Every area in the county is represented, from Mauckport to Palmyra and from Lanesville to White Cloud.

After three unsuccessful attempts trying to secure funding through a grant, Boone Township Fire District’s Board of Trustees went back to the Harrison County Board of Commissioners on Monday night. This time they were asking the county for the funding for a new fire station. Boone Township officials asked the commissioners for $50,000 several months after their third attempt to get funding for a combination firehouse, community center and medical outpost failed.

“We haven’t beat Clarksville in 20-plus years; let’s break the streak today.” Those were the words Corydon Central coach Zach Sipes sent his players during school on Monday prior to facing conference foe Clarksville. After school, the Panthers brought those wishes to life, pulling out an extra-inning affair against the visiting Generals, 7-6.

Deaths: Rebecca L. Leffler Kepley, 57; Randall J. Bocard, 67; Harold C. Weber, 79; Jack N. Voyles, 68; Gabrielle M. Consolino, infant; Clarence J. (Tony) Rutter, 85; Barbara E. Lynch Vaughn, 79; Ralph W. Lange, 86; Robert (Fred) Wolfe; James A. Wright, 62; Carl H. Thomas, 81; Timothy L. (Tippy) Stillwell, 36; William J. Wright, 74.

25 years ago
April 23, 1997

The Harrison County Commissioners late Monday night authorized their attorney, Gordon D. Ingle, and the president of the board, Steve Haggard, to negotiate any changes Caesars World or the county wants to make in Caesars’ development agreement. Ingle said such negotiations are in keeping with the process used to develop the initial agreement. The agreement outlines specifics such as deadlines Caesars must meet to have a gambling boat in operation on the Ohio River, construction starts for the resort complex at Bridgeport and incentive payments (over and above tax revenues) Caesars has agreed to pay, such as a percentage of profits to foundations and the earlier $5 million gift to the Harrison County foundation.

After Caesars World recently paid to increase the Harrison County sheriff’s force by eight officers, and after determining a suitable undercover officer for the job, Sheriff Clyde R. Sailor said his department rejoined the Southern Indiana Drug Task Force.

The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission last Tuesday charged Crawford County Prosecutor Jack Riddle with ghost employment of his deputy prosecutor, John T. Evans, a move the commission claims resulted in thousands of dollars for Riddle.

Over the years, many Harrison County residents, particularly from the Elizabeth area, have trekked to New Albany to work at the M. Fine & Sons Manufacturing Co. flannel shirt factory at the corner of 15th and Main. The journey may soon be a thing of the past. The company announced March 31 that it will lay off half its workforce — 160 people — by June 13.
It can’t be easy walking away from something you’ve poured more than half your life into, but Jerry Reinhardt was making those delicate first steps last week with typical grace, dignity and candor. Sitting in his office Friday morning, Reinhardt, 56, said he is retiring as the Lanesville boys’ varsity basketball coach.

Deaths: Marvin S. King. 79; Donald W. Walker, 48; Beatrice V. Wiseman, 52; Willis Linn (Jack) Windell, 61; Charles C. Czeschin, 93; Mary C. (Katie) Dirr, 75; Mayme Yoehem McGuirk, 97; Ralph E. (Buster) Timberlake Sr., 72; Janet Renee Hunter, 39; Edith Jenkins, 93.

50 years ago
April 19, 1972

Four Mauckport residents were injured — two seriously — early Sunday morning when an explosion ripped their three-room dwelling. Indiana State Police report that Joseph Bradac, 24, Mrs. Joseph Bradac, 28, their 3-year-old daughter, Kimberly, and William T. Bradac, 23, suffered burns when a small bottle gas space heater evidently ignited and caused an explosion about 4 a.m. Sunday. Joseph Bradac has second- and third-degree multiple burns on the hands, legs, feet, face and chest. His brother, William, had second and third-degree burns on the feet, arms, back and face. Both were treated at Harrison County Hospital and transferred the same morning to Veterans Hospital in Louisville. Mrs. Bradac suffered second- and third- degree burns on her hands and arms and first-degree burns on the face. She and her daughter were treated and released Sunday morning from the local hospital.

Thomas Alton, son of Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Alton, has been awarded a National Science Foundation fellowship for advanced study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

If April showers bring May flowers, then there ought to be a lot of flowers sprouting up next month. James Brengman, the official U.S. Weather Bureau observer in this area, said almost six inches of rain have come down since April 4, or 5.85 inches to be exact. Average rainfall for April is about three inches.

Rain washed out the entire baseball program late last week, but some licks were struck Monday as sunshine put the horsehide players back into competition. North Harrison, whose opener had been twice postponed by the weather, finally got started at Marengo, where the Cougars scored a double victory, by 10-0 and 14-7. Corydon Central exploded for seven runs in the second inning to paste Paoli 14-4.

Births: Boys — Darlene Proctor, Helen Graham, Vanda Stark, Wanda Crone, Melinda Wiseman, Mrs. Ron Rich; girl — Janie Dempster.

Deaths: Kenneth (Crook) Montgomery,66; Edward Kintner, 76; Ratio Rigot, 73; Alva E. Bell, 82; Edna Mae Keen, 77; William McKinley DeSpain; Grover C. Rainbolt, 87; Mrs. Georgia Sherrill, 77; Mrs. Jesse (Zelma) Reed, 72; Lester L. Barnum, 72

65 years ago
April 17, 1957

Darrell Funk, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Funk of Mottown, who is in the USCS, will arrive home Thursday for a 10-day leave. He will report to St. Louis, Mo., for further training.

Mrs. Donald Robson of Seymour and sister, Miss Marcella Mae Grabill, visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rosenbarger.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Russell Van Winkle, Mr. and Mrs. Norvil Watson, Dr. and Mrs. L.T. Kendall, Mr. and Robert E. Miller; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pitts, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Raines.

Deaths: Robinson Funk, 67; Edward Brown, 75; Hubert Long; Mrs. Nellie Rusk, 72; Mantom M. Carr, 80.

75 years ago
April 23, 1947

Misses Cathleen and Edna Denbo and their niece, Barbara Yeager, spent the weekend in Detroit with their brothers, Clyde and Edward Denbo, and their families.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Engleman and family spent Sunday in Indianapolis with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Curtis and family of Indianapolis.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Marcell Schoen ; girl — Mr. and Mrs. William Albin.

Deaths: Jesse Breeden, 52; Joseph Bell, 94; Elliott T. Young, 22; Lula McIntyre, 69; Mrs. Edward Grantz, 60; Theo Stilger, 74; Robert J. Campbell, 55; Mrs. Jacob Walter, 68.

100 years ago
May 3, 1922

Mrs. Ernest Rease and little son Robert of Detroit, Mich., arrived Sunday for a visit with her parents and her husband’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wallace and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rease.

Mrs. George Crawford and granddaughter Ruth Elizabeth Moneyhan spent Tuesday with Mrs. Charles Rector of New Salisbury.

Birth: Boys — none; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Herman Byer.

Deaths: W.T. Burford; Mrs. Catherine Bulleit, 40; John C. May; Mrs. Philip C. Miller, 48; Zachariah Best, 73; Peter Day, 76; Miss Bessie Sims, 19.