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Attempted murder charges filed in stabbing incident

Attempted murder charges filed in stabbing incident Attempted murder charges filed in stabbing incident

A Crawford County man whom police say abused a female victim for hours, ultimately stabbing her repeatedly, was arrested March 19 and now faces seven felony charges.

Jeramie Lee Durbin, 26, South Jenkins Road, Milltown, is charged with:

—Attempted murder, Level 1 felony;

—Criminal confinement and aggravated battery, both Level 3 felonies;

—Domestic battery and intimidation, both Level 5 felonies;

—Strangulation and resisting law enforcement, both Level 6 felonies;

—Interfering with the reporting of a crime, Class A misdemeanor; and

—Possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the incident began when the Crawford County Sheriff’s Dept. received a call regarding a motorist who had stopped to help a woman who was running down the road waving her arms. Using the driver’s phone, the victim called 911 and told dispatch she had been stabbed.

Deputy Patrick Gallagher met the vehicle and rendered first aid to the woman until an ambulance arrived. He noted she had several deep lacerations to her hands, cuts on her neck and a wound on her chest.

She told the officer Durbin was the one who had hurt her and said he was at her home on North Ridge Road. When officers responded to the home, they could see a man pacing inside.

When Durbin opened the door, officers ordered him to show his hands. Durbin failed to comply with orders to step outside, instead walking back inside.

A short time later, Durbin reappeared in the doorway, holding a knife in his left hand. Again ordered to stop outside and discard the weapon, the report states Durbin made the sign of the cross then flung the knife into the yard.

Despite refusing to comply with verbal commands given by officers, Durbin was taken into custody without incident. An Indiana State Police crime scene technician was called to process the scene. The technician found marijuana in plain view in the living room of the residence.

The next day, police spoke with the victim who said Durbin became upset when he was asked to help out around the home since he was staying there. She said he pushed her down and attempted to strangle her four times. Every time she tried to get up he would kick and hit her until she lay back down.

Durbin later got a knife from the kitchen and tried to slice the victim’s throat. When the woman tried to use her phone to call 911, Durbin grabbed it. He pried the back off then flung the device into the woods.

The victim said she endured hours of Durbin randomly attacking her then walking off. She was eventually able to escape, jumping over the fence in the backyard and running to a neighbor’s house. When nobody answered the door, she began running down the road.

Durbin is being held on a $250,000 bond in the Crawford County Jail.