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Putin and Russia considered pariahs of today’s world

Putin is Hitler reincarnated. Hitler tried to create a German empire throughout Europe during World War II. Putin wants to recreate a Russian empire in Europe starting with the invasion of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the democracies are currently showing similar military wariness tendencies as the allies showed against Hitler’s initial invasions.

Putin thought he would overrun Ukraine, but he is meeting fierce resistance from the Ukrainians. Increased military preparedness by NATO, especially in Poland, and severe economic sanctions might deter Putin from his expansionist policy, but it will not save Ukraine. NATO and the U.S. should have sent military forces into western Ukraine. Out of fear of Russia, the Biden administration balked at transferring Polish aircraft to Ukraine. We let down Ukraine, and this will embolden Putin.

The free world must continue to support Ukraine with military and economic assistance, and sanctions must be maintained against Russia until it leaves Ukraine. Subsequently, Russia should be subjected to trillion of dollars in war reparations starting with their seized assets, and Putin and his henchmen must be charged with war crimes.

The U.S. has to re-evaluate its national security posture versus Russia.

Russia’s standing among countries has been irreparably damaged, and Putin and Russia are considered pariahs of the world and the enemies of mankind.

Donald Moskowitz |

Londonderry, N.H.