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Pro-life should go beyond saving newborn lives

Are people really for pro-life? They wish a woman not to abort her unborn child, but why take away from that woman the right to choose what she must think is right for her? The pro-life people want to outlaw that right for a woman to decide for herself. They only want to control women’s lives.

If they really care about pro-life, why stop at only the loss of that newborn, especially if that same child you want to save is likely to be shot to death or killed by thugs or addiction?

If pro-life is so important, then let’s stop all the unnecessary death of desperate mothers. The gun supporters of the NRA claim their second amendment right to have weapons of all kinds.

I turned my M16 and M60 machine gun back to Navy armory in Vietnam 51 years ago, and I never want to handle them again. My heart trouble was caused by Agent Orange while I was in Vietnam. This sickness was caused by a weapon used in that war. What did the pro-life people care then, or now, about the life of any person wanting to live a happy and healthy life?

Gerald Baumgartle | Crandall, Ind.