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February 16, 2022

February 16, 2022 February 16, 2022

• I want to make a statement. Hunger in America. Fraud in America. Who is checking the assets of the needy at food pantries, free community meals, community centers? I have two friends. One buys a new car every two to three years and pays cash and inherited a beautiful home. … Another has money in three different banks and brags about it, owns her own home. … They go to the free dinners and … go to all the food pantries in the area that they can get to and to the community center and get food. … No one in American should be hungry. We are all humans with some in need. America takes care of their needy, not their wants, but their needs. Christians do what God directs; he says greed is a sin. If you are one of the greedy and not the needy, please be the American, be the Christian we are supposed to be and stop the greed. Please have someone check before you hand out free stuff.

• I agree with the person that wrote in the Live Wire about that old Joe Biden and how everything has gone crazy every since he got into office. …

• I think it’s pretty bad that these elderly people that’s living in these retirement homes … They had a lady that fell and cut her leg really bad on a piece of concrete that had came out of the sidewalk. They have yet to fix it. They don’t check on her to see if she is OK, see if there is something she could use, give her supplies or anything. This is unreal. Could someone help out or do something or let her sue the pants off of them? That’s what I think about it.

• The county workers down here at the highway department would like to congratulate Donnie Bolin on his recent marriage and would also like to say we hope he’s recuperating from his knee surgery.

• I just read where a Laconia resident opposes a connector road that many of us have waited a lifetime for. I am wondering if he ever drove a school bus out of that area on a dark, rainy night loaded with students on (S.R.) 337 North. I’m sure most of these drivers who do that are very unfamiliar with this road. Or, has he ever tried bringing out a heavy haul load or an ambulance? We have a school, a park, a golf course, a casino that would benefit from this very much. I know people who have sold property here because there is no good way in or out.

• If you were a parent who picked up your children in 2019 at the Corydon Intermediate School and knew that there were more than two pick-up lines, could you please call me at 812-572-9516; it’s very important. If I don’t answer, please leave your name and phone number so I can call you back.

• I have lived at the same place for around 10 years. I know exactly what my electric bill usually is, almost to the penny. Now that I’ve got energy assistance through the government, the electric bill went up over $10. … why is that?