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Donated car turns into three for tornado victims

Donated car turns into three for tornado victims Donated car turns into three for tornado victims
By Stephanie Taylor Ferriell, Senior Staff Writer, [email protected]

An antique car turned into three vehicles for victims of the deadly tornadoes that devastated Kentucky and several other states in December. A 1928 Model A “rat rod” was put up for bid by owner Adam Sines of Milltown with the intention of the money going to help tornado victims.

Sines said he was moved to donate the car when he saw news coverage of the tornadoes’ impact. He said he feels he has been blessed in his life and should do what he can to help others.

Sines said that whoever had the highest bid would receive the car and would determine how the money would be spent toward the relief effort.

Tim McKellar won the auction with a bid of $36,500.

In a Facebook post, Mc-Kellar said, “I’m super proud to call Adam my friend and happy that I was able to purchase something that I’ve wanted for so long.”

McKellar chose to purchase two 2019 Chevrolet Traxs and a 2006 4×4 Ford Expedition. He stipulated that the recipients had to have been directly affected by the tornado and one recipient had to be a veteran.

“Tim handled all the money, transfers, etc., and not one penny ever hit my hand,” said Sines. “He also paid all the taxes, transfer fees and tags. With the little money left over, he bought a new set of tires for a woman that had four flats from the tornadoes.”

The two Chevy Trax vehicles were transported directly to Mayfield, Ky., from the car dealership from where they were purchased.

Sines accompanied McKellar as he delivered the Expedition to Mayfield. He saw the devastation left by the tornado first-hand on the visit and said it will be a long road to recovery.

Sines said all the recipients were extremely grateful.

“They were all appreciative,” said Sines. “The veteran pulled us in for a big hug and must have thanked us 10 times. He also stated once he gets on his feet, he will pay it forward and donate the Trax to a person in need.”