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February 9, 2022

February 9, 2022 February 9, 2022

• The health care workers at the COVID testing site at the (May & Joe Rhoads Memorial) swimming pool need shelter protection from the cold, rain, snow, wind and bird poop. We were being tested in January, and a flock of birds flew over and bird poop landed on our health care worker’s iPad right beside our car. They are helping us. Someone please help them with shelter protection.

• This idea that making (school board) candidates claim a party … has me thinking. It seems to me that the more knowledge I have about a candidate, the better informed decision I can make when it comes time to vote. It would be nice if we lived in a world where politics did not enter into every nook and crannie of our lives, but in today’s world it has, unfortunately, become a reality. From what I have been seeing on the news around this country, school board members have been bringing politics into their decision making. Since this is now our reality, I would like to know just where their loyalties lie. Proposing legislature does not politicize school boards; school board members politicize school boards.

• I am sick to death about hearing that the Republicans are trying to restrict voting rights just because they want to implement voter identification at the polls. … Indiana has had the voter identification law for years, and it is neither racist or restrictive, unless you are coming from the viewpoint that it will make it harder to cheat the system. You have to have identification for most everything else you do these days, but no one screams about that.

• After reading, “How’s Joe Biden doing?” My opinion by Lee Hamilton, and he says and I quote, “It’s still to early to draw firm conclusions.” What a laugh. I used to have a lot of respect for Lee Hamilton, but he’s obviously a well-polished apologist for a president who puts China before America. He gave the Russians an OK on their oil pipeline as he shut ours down and put thousands of Americans out of work. Rampant inflation, a wide-open Southern border, fentanyl pouring across the border, and it;s now the No. 1 killer of Americans (ages) 18 to 45. Good job, Joe.

• Thanks for the great article about Church Anywhere. Wish more people like Evalina Pinnick would step up to the plate and teach children God’s word.

• Last Saturday, the Corydon (Central) boys’ basketball team played the best game a Corydon team has played in years, beating a very strong Brownstown (Central) team 94-78. There wasn’t a single word in The Corydon Democrat this week about the game.

• I never thought I would see in America that a gay man would get maternity leave when he was not pregnant or he did not have a baby. What is this county coming to?

• I have seen and heard of so many little animals not have proper care. Dogs have to stay outside all year, no dog house or nothing. Their water freezes up and they can’t even get ’em a drink. They don’t have much food. They don’t have much water. They don’t have proper shelter. Come on, folks; let’s tend better to these little animals. They are precious, and they can’t speak for themselves. And I think that anyone that mistreats these little animals and don’t take proper care of them should be reported to the law.

• I wish President Joe Biden would come and help me pay my gas bill when I get my … gasoline bill, and I wish he would go to the grocery store with me and help me pay some more on groceries ’cause they have shot up way high, high, since he’s been in office. …