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Deadline passes to file as candidate

Deadline passes to file as candidate Deadline passes to file as candidate

Harrison and Crawford County residents had an extra day to declare their candidacy in the 2022 election after inclement weather closed the offices where they would need to file campaign paperwork.

Originally set for noon Friday, the deadline was extended to noon Monday.

Here is the final list of Harrison County candidates (an * indicates an incumbent):

Circuit Court Judge β€” *John T. Evans, Republican.

Prosecutor β€” *J. Otto Schalk, Republican.

Auditor β€” *Chad Shireman, Republican.

Treasurer β€” Christa Day, Republican; Leisa J. Emily, Democrat.

Sheriff β€” *Nick Smith, Republican.

Assessor β€” *Lorena (Rena) A. Stepro, Republican.

County Commissioner District 3 β€” *Jim Heitkemper and Brad Wiseman, Republicans.

County Council District 1 β€” *Kyle S. Nix, Republican.

County Council District 2 β€” Joe Kellum and *Ross Schulz, Republicans; Sarah Blessing, Democrat.

County Council District 3 β€” *Holli Baker Castetter, Republican.

County Council District 4 β€” Jake Blackman and Scott Jones, Republicans.

Blue River Township Trustee β€” *Michael Beyerle, Republican.

Blue River Township Advisory Board β€” *Glenna Binkley, *Fred Churchill and *Darcy Kamer, Republicans.

Boone Township Trustee β€” *Linda King, Republican.

Boone Township Advisory Board β€” *Kevin Crosier, *Sheila Beanblossom Jackson and *Jessica Terry, Republicans.

Franklin Township Trustee β€” *David C. Hussung, Republican; Tim Bridges, Democrat.

Franklin Township Advisory Board β€” *David Brengman, Jerry L. Luttman and *William A. Rowett, Republicans; Dale (Chip) White, Democrat.

Harrison Township Trustee β€” *Mark Strange, Republican (he is completing Jimmy Mayfield’s term).

Harrison Township Advisory Board β€” Sean R. Davis, Rhonda J. Rhoads and James (Jim) Smith, Republicans; Johnathan Eve, Democrat.

Heth Township Trustee β€” *Teresa Eschbacher, Republican.

Heth Township Advisory Board β€” *Gerald Jacobs and *Gary Wiseman, Republicans; Andrew Eschbacher, Democrat.

Jackson Township Trustee β€” *Joseph E. (Joey) Martin, Republican.

Jackson Township Advisory Board β€” *Rick R. Crecelius, *Keith W. Pinaire and *Eric M. Wise, Republicans.

Morgan Township Trustee β€” Wyman Lee Childers, Republican; *Frederick A. Uhl, Democrat.

Morgan Township Advisory Board β€” Charles Atkins, *Leland A. Krush and *Travis McAfee, Republicans.

Posey Township Trustee β€” *Teresa Sutton, Republican; Joan M. Kingsley, Democrat.

Posey Township Advisory Board β€” John M. Crosby, Tammie D. Crosby and *Lynette Klinstiver, Republicans; *Susan May, Democrat.

Spencer Township Trustee β€” *Aaron Scott and Belinda Smith, Republicans.

Spencer Township Advisory Board β€” Justin R. Byerly, Jared S. Goldman, *Bruce Hawkins and *Ray E. Saylor, Republicans.

Taylor Township Trustee β€” *Tana Miller, Democrat (she is completing the late Wayne Gettelfinger’s term).

Taylor Township Advisory Board β€” *Pam Wate, Republican; *Candace J. Stewart, Democrat.

Washington Township Trustee β€” *Jeremy Wathen, Republican.

Washington Township Advisory Board β€” *JoAnna Barks and *Stefanie Bliss, Republicans; *Tanda Ems, Democrat.

Webster Township Trustee β€” *Isaac Dean Brown, Republican.

Webster Township Advisory Board β€” *Oren L Chumley, Samuel Hecht and *Joey Rosbottom, Republicans, and *Daniel Thomas McPhillips, Democrat.

Candidates in Crawford County are:

Circuit Court Judge β€” *Sabrina R. Bell and Justin B. Mills, Republicans; Stanley V. Pennington and Nick Siler, Democrats.

Prosecutor β€” Chase Smith, Republican; T. Parker Hudson, Democrat.

Auditor β€” Wendy N. Marples, Republican; Tammy D. Byerly, Democrat.

Sheriff Β­β€” *Jeff Howell and Charles W. Wright, Republicans; Dennis W. Talley, Democrat.

Assessor β€” *Michael A. Carlisle Sr., Republican.

Clerkβ€” *Lisa Stephenson-Holzbog, switched from Democrat party to Republican party since elected in 2018.

Recorder β€” Christian Howell, Republican.

County Commissioner District 1 β€” *Daniel G. Crecelius and Martha S. Wright, Republicans.

County Council District 1 β€” *Lucas Stroud, Republican; Beth A. Wilson, Democrat.

County Council District 2 β€” *Mark R. Stevens, Republican.

County Council District 3 β€” Troy D. Mason, Republican; *Dale Roll, Democrat.

County Council District 4 β€” *Chad L. Riddle, Republican.

Boone Township Trustee β€” *Mae B. Parr, Republican.

Johnson Township Trustee β€” *Enos E. Schwartz, Republican.

Johnson Township Advisory Board β€” Alma Riley and Louise Wright, Republicans; Joe E. Schwartz, Democrat.

Liberty Township Trustee β€” *Ralph D. Sherron, Republican.

Liberty Township Advisory Board β€” Diana Main and Gary Main Jr., Republicans; Daniel House, Democrat.

Ohio Township Trustee β€” *Kyle O. Wiseman, Republican.

Ohio Township Advisory Board β€” Benjamin Breeding, Mike Lutz and Gary D. Wiseman, Republicans.

Patoka Township Trustee β€” *Mary K. McLain, Democrat.

Patoka Township Advisory Board β€” Pamela K. Harmon, Janet Leonard and Beverly Oxley, Democrats.

Sterling Township Trustee β€” *Russell C. Newkirk, Democrat.

Sterling Township Advisory Board β€” Leann Bertram, Lori McIntosh and Lisa Riddell, Democrats.

Union Township Trustee β€” John β€œGeff” Procter, Democrat.

Union Township Advisory Board β€” James β€œJim” Elliott and Tammy Jellison, Democrats.

Whiskey Run Township Trustee β€” *Terry L. Stroud, Democrat.

Whiskey Run Township Advisory Board β€” Jerry W. Brown Jr., Terry L. Jones and Charles T. Parks, Democrats.

At the state level, candidates are:

State Senator District 47 β€” *Kevin Boehnlein (he is completing the term of Ron Grooms, who stepped down in November), Gary Byrne and Keeley R. Stingel, Republicans.

State Representative District 70 β€” *Karen Engleman, Republican; Jason Joe Shemanski, Democrat.

State Representative District 74 β€” *Stephen R. Bartels, Republican.

There are five candidates for U.S. Senator: Danny Niederberger and *Todd Young, Republicans; Haneefah Khaaliq, Valerie McCray and Thomas M. McDermott Jr., Democrats.

There areΒ  four candidates for the U.S. Representative Eighth District seat: *Larry D. Bucshon, Republican; Adnan H. Dhahir, Ray McCormick and Peter F.H. Priest II, Democrats.

Candidates for the Ninth District Congressional seat are Jim Baker, Stu Barnes-Israel, J. Michael Davisson, Dan Heiwig, Erin Houchin, D. Eric Schansberg, Mike Sodrel, Bill J. Thomas an Brian Tibbs, Republicans; Isak Asare, D. Liam Dorris and Matthew Fyfe, Democrats

Editor’s note: Information was gathered from documents at the clerks’ offices in Harrison and Crawford counties.