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Loving thy neighbor would go long way to ending COVID

My dad was a member of the greatest generation. He served in World War II in North Africa, Italy and Germany. While many men were overseas fighting the war, people back home were doing their part. Women were working in the factories and flying aircraft overseas for the Army Air Corps. People were buying war bonds to help pay for the war. Some items in the stores were being rationed.

So, people pitched in to defeat a common enemy. Today, not so much.

Because of selfishness, many are not getting vaccinated and refusing to wear masks, the old “nobody can tell me what to do” attitude. As a teacher for 39 years, I heard this same attitude from many students.

One of the basic tenets of the Christian faith is “Love thy neighbor.” The other person comes first. Care and concern for others is the priority. Not getting vaccinated and not wearing a mask is not following that tenet. You are risking the lives of family, friends and others you are around. And, our hospitals are overcrowded; our nurses and doctors are exhausted. They are our neighbors, too.

And now we are hearing that the average co-pay for patients hospitalized because of COVID is around $35,000. Vaccinations are free.

Let’s start caring about others and get this “thing” over with by wearing a mask and getting vaccinated. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

Glenn Thienel|

Corydon, Ind