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January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022 January 26, 2022

• Well, I listened to the news last night. The price of gasoline jumped up again … The price of groceries is going out of sight like gasoline. Plus, on top of that, Russia’s not getting along real good with Joe Biden and visa versa. Pretty soon it’s between Russia and the United States right now. Boy, I’m not one bit happy with Joe Biden as our president.

• The No. 1 killer of Americans of all races, (age) 18 to 45, is fentanyl. Fentanyl is coming across the wide-open southern boarder. Ask why.

• A man I knowed for years told me the other day he wasn’t going to get a vaccine; he wasn’t going to wear a mask; he didn’t care what that virus did. Four other people six months ago told me that and they’re all dead. I guess he’ll be No. 5. What’s wrong with these people?

• To the person whose dad takes care of people who runs out of gas on (S.R.) 135, face it, this is 2022. Those people (couldn’t) care less about your dad and wouldn’t be surprised if they asked him for $40 to fill their car up. Times have really changed for the worse. By the way, dad, thanks for being like it used to be years ago.

• Why is it a bottle of juice, pack of bologna or can of soup can’t be found in the grocery store aisle but Valentine’s candy is stacked to the hilt in the aisle and it has been since the day after Christmas? Think about it.

• I just read in the Live Wire that a person saw a dog out in the elements with no shelter. They called animal (control) six times and they got no response. I’ve had the same experience with animal (control). … Come on; there are animals out there in great pain.

• I think maybe it’s time that the South Harrison (Community) School (Corp.) board call a special meeting and re-evaluate their decision to keep the kids in school with the virus as bad as it is.