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Constitutional rights appear in question

I received a newsletter from our state senator, Eric Houchin, saying she will support legislation to “remove barriers to lawful firearm possessions.”

To that end, House Bill 1077 to eliminate the requirement to get a license in order to carry a handgun has already passed the House, with our State Rep. (Karen) Engleman voting “Yes”, and is now awaiting Senate approval.

If this bill is signed into law, I predict that the vast majority of handgun owners will start to carry their weapons and there will be an increase in violence. There will be more road-rage incidences, and people will start settling their differences with their guns.

In that same newsletter, Sen. Houchin also said she will “add additional security measures in place to ensure one vote per Hoosier.”

As there was no voter fraud in Indiana during the 2020 election, I think these “security measures” are already in place.

She has authored Senate Bill 329 to, among other things, require people requesting an absentee ballot to provide their driver’s license number.

If this bill is signed into law, it will adversely effect all senior citizens who no longer have a driver’s license and depend on voting by absentee ballots. Does this mean they will no longer be able to vote?

It seems like Sen. Houchin is more concerned with second amendment rights than our Constitutional right to vote. Our legislature should be making it easier and not add restrictions that will deny us that right.

You can read the bill by going to

Harold Wilson|

Corydon, Ind.