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January 19, 2022

January 19, 2022 January 19, 2022

15 years ago
January 17, 2007

Two Harrison County school districts exceeded state averages for the ISTEP tests taken by students in eight different grades this past fall. Results from the three public school corporations were mixed. The state average overall passing rate was 64 percent. The ISTEP tests have two sections: language arts and math. Fifth and seventh graders also have a science section. As a whole, the Lanesville Community School Corp. exceeded the state average scores with overall passing rates of 71 percent and 72 percent, respectively. The South Harrison Community School Corp. failed to meet the state average with a passing rate of 63 percent.

“Stamp out racism.” That was the charge given by the Rev. Dr. Patricia Efiom to those attending the 21st annual Martin Luther King Jr. ecumenical service Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Hills Christian Church in Corydon. Efiom, pastor at Alexander African Methodist Episcopal Church in Evansville, told the audience she initially couldn’t figure out why she was asked to speak, although she had served briefly as pastor at St. Paul AME Church in Corydon. “I know it had something to do with the committee … ” she said. She then thought about the book, written by Maya Angelou, that provided this year’s theme: “And I know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” It was in reading the poem “Sympathy” that Efiom said she found the answer.

While there are no financial institutions open for business in Ramsey at 8:57 on a Tuesday night, Corydon Central junior guard Bridgett Decker found a way to cash in big, courtesy of a bank. With time running out and her team trailing by three points in last night’s county, conference and sectional rivalry game against host North Harrison, Decker launched an off-balance three-pointer from the right wing. Decker’s shot sailed over the outstretched hand of Lady Cats sophomore Laura Allen and tickled the twine with three seconds left in regulation, tying the tussle at 40 apiece.

Deaths: James L. Coulter, 71; Paul E. Lowe Sr., 71; Robert Lynch, 73; Annie M. Robinson, 77; Frances A. Smith, 88; Beulah M. Jacobi, 84; Harry W. Chanley, 84; Edward H. Sailor, 70; Denise Buchanan, 46; Dorothy J. Dillow, 81; Ruth E. Grimes, 88; Roland K. Ollis, 83; Gene Merry, 65; Clyde W. Smith, 83.

25 years ago
January 22, 1997

A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde who shot and killed themselves last week following a police chase in Louisville had apparently been operating a high-tech, computerized counterfeit ring from a house they had rented in December near Laconia. “That’s what we’re calling them,” said the landlady, Michelle Pearson of Corydon, yesterday. “Only they didn’t use guns; they used computers. And they didn’t rob people; they just made their own money.” Pearson contacted police about the unidentified couple Thursday night after recognizing the blue Dodge Neon with West Virginia license plates on a TV news program. She had seen the car earlier, parked at her rental property.

A convicted felon who had escaped from the Lee Adjustment Facility in Kentucky was apprehended early Saturday morning in a residence near New Salisbury after he had fled from police and hid almost eight hours in an attic. Capt. Lee Hancock of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. tried to stop a vehicle driven by Troy L. Avery, 27, of Salem, shortly after 10 p.m. Friday. Hancock said he noticed the car looked “freshly damaged, like it had been in a wreck and had a headlight out.” A license plate check revealed the vehicle belonged to Avery’s girlfriend.

Buffalo Trace Park has been awarded a $120,000 grant from the Paul Ogle Foundation of New Albany to be used for improvements totaling $150,000. Pat Walker, president of the county park’s advisory board, said a two-for-one matching grant up to $20,000 has also been offered by Harrison County Bank. That means the advisory board has to raise only $10,000 for the project from other sources. Plans for the park just east of Palmyra along U.S. 150 include replacing playground equipment, developing a fitness station and creating a six-foot wide, 1.4-mile asphalt trail around the lake. The trail will be used for walking, jogging, hiking and roller-blading, Walker said.

The South Central Rebels avenged an early-season loss to rival Lanesville with a 71-50 victory over the visiting Eagles Friday night. Lanesville (4-9 overall, 0-1 Southern Athletic Conference) opened its season with a 76-57 win over South Central on Nov. 15, but the Rebels (5-7, 2-1) turned the tables Friday night by shooting 57 percent (27 of 47) while checking the Eagles on 29 percent (16 of 56). “We played with more emotion this time than we did the last time,” said South Central coach Greg Robinson.

Deaths: Walter Piercefield, 72; Edward E. Lawrence, 91; Monroe Deutsch, 79; Billy S. Page, 67; Blanche Rudolph, 93; Robert Boon Sr., 64; George Watson, 80; Gayle S. Cato, 92; Linda Lou Davis, 45; Kevin D. Scott, 39; Walter J. Fisher, 72; Darrell L. Bye, 80; Paul W. Wallman, 51; Betty L. Koch, 68.

50 years ago
January 19, 1972

A new Harrison County Planning Commission will be appointed by Dec. 7. Nine persons, split among Democrats and Republicans, will take posts on the panel, replacing members whose terms have expired. Members of the old commission were James Gleitz, John Damon, Harold Boone, Lee Harmon and Harry Baumgartle.

Nyle Gildersleeve of Mauckport is now a deputy on the Corydon police force. He replaces deputy marshal Stanley Archikavitz who resigned Dec. 30.

A 1,200-acre tract along the Ohio River is being developed by Ruby Construction from the heirs of the late Arthur S. Miller of Mauckport.

Carol Marie Pinaire and Janet Marie Geltmaker have enlisted in the U.S. Navy for three years. They are in basic training at Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Md.

Births: Boys — Sandra Gower, Michael Mitchell, Evelyn Brengman, Mrs. James Davidson, Lynette Enlow; girls — Cynthia Delaney, Hazel Broughton, Catherine Kinser, Sandra Miller, Becky Ridener, Kathy Parks, Mrs. Christopher Browning, Rhonda Fansler.

Deaths: Francis, A. Wisman, 21; Maurice Louden, 70; Charlie Taylor, 84; Bertha Blume, 78; Clarence Belviy; Albert L. Wiseman, 72; Merrill Klockaw, 70; Gina Lea Feller, 15; Herman Smith, 84; Charles Baker, 73; Laura Boldt, 89; Gene Taylor, 45.

65 years ago
January 16, 1957

Charles Royce of Palmyra is the new conservation farm planner. He started work with the Corydon Soil Conservation Office on Jan. 7.
John Bays, son of Mrs. Gladys Bays, Darrell Funk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Funk, and Benny Crone, son of Mrs. Walter Crone, all of New Salisbury, left Tuesday for Cincinnati to start their enlistment in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Miss Katherine Huntsinger has resigned her position as clerk in H.T. Hudson’s Grocery Store and has accepted similar employment in the local JayC Food Store.

Sixty-three farmers and their wives attended the Harrison County Dairy tour Friday on the farms of Ben Cunningham and Paul Schneider in Franklin Township.

The two-story home and contents of Mr. and Mrs. August Smith of Depauw were destroyed by fire Wednesday. It was the oldest home in Depauw and was known as the George Churchill home.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Stoy Owens, Mr. and Mrs. John Prechtel, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ferree; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Russell Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sillings, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Knear.

Deaths: Mrs. Alice Benton, 36; Daniel W. Paris, 56; Mary Angie Alexander, 80; Walter Conrad, 72; Eliza Johnson, 62; Harry R. LaGrand, 57; Clarence Cooper, 63; Mrs. John Newman; Lawrence Bringle, 74; Robert Seder, 30.

75 years ago
January 22, 1947

Dr. and Mrs. Merrill Johnson of Milltown have moved to the Henry Jacobi property at Palmyra. Dr. Johnson has opened his office and is now serving the public. The area had been without the services of a physician since the death of Dr. F.A. May two years ago.

Jimmy Best left last Thursday for Jacksonville, Fla., to enroll in a dramatic school. While there, he will be a member of a little theater group.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Grubb, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richard; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stonecipher, Mr. and Mrs. William Hardin, Mr. and Mrs. John Schwartzel, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stewart.

Deaths: Dr. Philip Schoen, 76; Clarence Ferree, 70; John Michael Sparks, infant; Anna Lynch, 55; Mary Byrum, 76.

100 years ago
January 25, 1922

Sam Foley has gone to Chicago to visit relatives. He will seek employment in that city. Mrs. Foley and daughter, Mary Catherine, went to Cincinnati on Friday to visit her mother, Mrs. J.A. Fellers.

An attempt was made on the night of Jan. 7 to rob the bank at Fredericksburg. Thieves had gained entrance to the building, opened the safe and removed the money but evidently became frightened by a passersby and fled without taking the money.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cox, Mr. and Mrs. John Ed Barger, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fisher; girls — none.

Deaths: Mrs. Violet Mayfield, 23; George Ferber; Mrs. Sarah Ellen Robinson, 75; M.A. Sweeney, 63; Mrs. Julia Ann Snyder, 75; Mrs. Sarah Bean Emily; Mrs. Martha Stonecipher.