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January 19, 2022

January 19, 2022 January 19, 2022

• Well, it looks like the bottom line is getting in the way of the COVID virus or maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever it is, big business is showing problems with people being sick. They want them to come to work, which is ridiculous. People who are sick need to stay home. …

• My dad lives on (S.R.) 135. Someone is always running out of gas in front of his house. He always takes the person for gas or puts gas in their tank that he has for his mower. My problem with this is, if you are the type of person to let an 83-year-old man take you for gas and put the gas in your car while standing in the rain, then you should pay him for the gas. Shame on you. My dad is a very good man, and he doesn’t deserve to be treated so bad.

• To the person who called in complaining that there is too much on TV about getting the COVID vaccine, since you are vaccinated, they are not talking to you. You are encouraged to get your booster, however, but no one is asking you to get extra vaccine. Encouraging people not to get the vaccine just because you are tired of hearing about it is extremely unfortunately.

• Thank you, Republicans, for passing the voting restriction laws. I’m tired of dumb people voting. Let’s get some smarter voters in there. These laws will help.

• My most vivid memory of the Jan. 6 attack on the capital is the video of the demonstrators beating the capital police while in the background someone is waving a Blue Lives Matters flag. …

• … it’s 12:45. I was stuck at the bottom on Union Chapel hill where Otterbein come in. Otterbein hill is a joke. I couldn’t get a fourth of the way up either way. I had to sit down there for two hours. Finally, I got a neighbor to tow me up the hill. …

• Read the comment about calling the Harrison County Animal Control. I have called at least six times about a husky that is tied up. Last time I called, the dog house roof was off. He was standing in the pouring rain. I’m sure he is standing in the snow. No straw or warmth. So, what good is animal control? I have cried over this dog. It is on Highway 62 NW, 1700 block.

• I saw a comment the other day about vegans. Vegan-ism should be like religion. If it makes you feel better, then have at it, but keep it to yourself.

• I was looking in the paper and seen these apartments that’s in Marengo and Milltown, English … I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone because it says that they are all newly re-done and everything. Well, some of them doesn’t even have a laundry mat to where you could go and do your laundry if you was not able to drive. That’s not right for the elderly. They’re put in there for a reason. You could at least have laundry facilities. Make sure that different things are up to power for them. And, I would have carpet instead of linoleum on the floors in the house or wooden floors in the apartment and things. …

• In the Jan. 12 Opinions, the writer say that President Trump ordered American citizens to be tear gassed. That is a false statement. It has been clarified by the Inspector General and the U.S. Parks Dept. that the clearing of the square was planned due to the escalation BLM protest. It had nothing to do with Donald Trump coming out in front of a church. Also, I take issue with the fact that the same people say Tucker Carlson pretended to be religious. How do you know he pretended? I think he’s truly a religious person.

• The writer of the Jan. 12 “My opinion” used too many big words that I did not understand.

• I am always being told of all the benefits of having your kids in sports. They learn all these life lessons. Then, I read the paper and see a score of 82-5 and have to wonder what life lessons were learned by the winning team. Perhaps a little mercy should be added to the list of life lessons.