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Bible gives insight to one’s character

Our nation is in trouble. We are living in a series of one crisis after another. The pandemic ravages unchecked by neither vaccines nor government mandates. Food and fuel prices soar on wings of rampant inflation.

The Bible emphasizes God’s supremacy over all nations and is the source of vital energy. When a nation forgets God, the vital energy is removed. Our nation is slowly losing vital energy due to current divisions within government and a lack of good leadership. The incessant quibbling and sophomoric public behavior of some government officials is disgraceful to God an our nation and is presented daily on many nationwide “new” broadcasts.

Government officials are elected to serve all the people of the nation, not just a few. Some elected officials have forgotten that our taxes pay for their good salary and that they should act to serve the nation rather than advancing their own self-serving agenda.

There is a question everyone should ponder and mediate upon. Do you know God? Read the Bible, and you will find out what kind of person you truly are.

Eunice Johnson|

Corydon, Ind.