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Plan commission issues 59 permits

Plan commission issues 59 permits Plan commission issues 59 permits

Fifty-nine building permits were issued in December, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, 13 were for single-family houses, to Stephen and Andrea Heun in Blue River Township, Shane Cottrell in Blue River Township, Mark Grimes in Harrison Township, Shane G. and Tabatha Krekel in Harrison Township, Scott and Carrie Adelman in Harrison Township, Infinity Homes & Development in Harrison Township, Quentin Keith in Heth Township, Steve Thieneman Builders in Jackson Township (three), Paul Anthony Brown in Taylor Township, Perry and Leslie Parsons in Taylor Township and Terry and Lakyn Elliott in Webster Township.

One permit was issued for a modular home, to Ken and Kristine Biggs in Heth Township.

Other permits issued were for four additions, two carports, two duplexes, 22 electricals, five garages, one roof and nine storages as follows:

Addition — Phillip Lockhart, Franklin; Roger and Janet Meek, Harrison; Jeffrey and Reva Velasquez, Jackson; Shaun and Terra Senn, Spencer.

Carport — Lorene Bliss, Harrison; Tracy and Robin Asher, Morgan.

Duplex — McGrain Street Rentals LLC, Town of Corydon (two).

Electrical — Brian Reas, Blue River; Terry Kracher, Town of Corydon; Michael and Lori Skelton, Franklin; Bruce and Deborah Johannes, Harrison; Kyle Ferverda, Harrison; Stanley Kingsley, Harrison; Dennis Coffman, Harrison; Michael Terrell, Jackson; Jeremiah Doubler, Jackson; Ronald Glotzbach, Jackson; Steven and Connie Carver, Jackson; Richard Dale, Morgan; Bryan Hedden, Posey; Gage and Brooklyn Lewis, Posey; Joseph and Deanna Behr, Posey; Danny and Glenda Walker, Spencer; Shaun and Terra Senn, Spencer; Joy L. Thompson, Spencer; Brittany Scharlow, Taylor; Moe Aljazeily, Webster; Jeff Ramsey, Webster; Justin Taborn, Webster.

Garage — Louis Beauchamp, Blue River; Scott and Laurie Dunaway, Harrison; Ken and Kristine Biggs, Heth; Steven and Brenda Cavendish, Morgan; Mark Robinson, Posey.

Roof — Lorene Bliss, Harrison.

Storage — Jim and Kim Meyer, Blue River; Caleb Stewart, Franklin; Michael and Lisa Watt, Harrison; Richard Steven Yahraus, Harrison; Jason and Tammy Seitz, Jackson; Danny Owen Jr., Posey; Paul Anthony Brown, Taylor (two), Matthew and Cheryl Pollison, Webster.