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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Strawn Edwards Simon, 25, Milltown, son of Edward J. Simon, Milltown, and Nancy B. Nutter Simon, deceased; Maggie Mai Jones, 21, Quincy, daughter of Christopher D. and Carrie D. Baughn Jones, Quincy.

Michael Ray Russell, 33, Corydon, son of Lola M. Russell Leadbetter, New Salisbury; Mackenzie Renee Wilfong, 22, Corydon, daughter of Tia R. Wilfong Madden, Grantsburg.

John Rafael Barroqueiro, 29, New Salisbury, no parents names given; Jessica Taylor Moser, 29, New Salisbury, daughter of Kimberli M. Moser, deceased.

Michael D. Fisher, 74, Louisville, son of Raymond D. Fisher and Ella V. Wells Fisher, both deceased; Laura L. Ruzanka, 65, Louisville, daughter of Milton G. Walker, deceased, and Rose M. Thornton Walker, Louisville.

Darrell Reader Jacobs, 90, Elizabeth, son of Alva S. Jacobs and Nancy J. Applegate Jacobs, both deceased; Susan Pauline Miller, 72, Elizabeth, daughter of Duard P. Miller and Edith L. Dill Miller, both deceased.

Scotty Hill, 41, Corydon, son of James Hill, Corydon, and Patricia Chanley, no address given; Alisha Henderson, 30, Corydon, daughter of Mark Green, no address given, and Cameron White, Memphis.

Thomas East, 51, New Salisbury, son of Robert L. East, deceased, and Patricia M. Snead East, no address given; Monica Williams, 54, New Salisbury, daughter of Nelson Williams, no address given, and Glenola Lee Williams, deceased.

Brandon Lewis Cooper, 21, Corydon, son of Michael W. and Stacy L. Blackman Cooper, Corydon; Lorena Claudia Piaggi Su, 22, Lima, Peru, daughter of Angel H. Piaggi Ferreyros and Claudia E. Su Melendez, both of Lima, Peru.

Derick L. Boots, 32, Corydon, son of Duane Boots, deceased, and Kathryn Johnson Boots, no address given; Aubryonna N. Thompson, 25, Corydon, daughter of Marshall Thompson and Deinez Sanders Payton, no addresses given.

Joshua Salesman, 31, Laconia, son of Eugene Salesman and Darlene Zeller, both of Scottsburg; Misty Ament, 37, Corydon, daughter of Jeffery Dear, Depauw, and Catherine A. Shelton Esparza, deceased.

Timothy Keith Stephens, 61, Palmyra, son of Grover Stephens and Carolyn Cook Stephens, both deceased; Elizabeth Ann Stephens, 54, Palmyra, daughter of Max Prunty and Rita Prunty, both deceased.

Mark E. Hammack, 34, New Salisbury, son of Terry E. Hammack, New Salisbury, and Victoria A. Stafford, Corydon; Ashley Marie Cure, 35, New Salisbury, daughter of Cary A. Shaw and Sandra L. Owens Price, no addresses given.