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January 5, 2022

January 5, 2022 January 5, 2022

•Just a reminder for everyone, if you want to run for council, then you only have until the end of the month. We need more women and more diversity. Salary is over $14,000. Please run if you are interested.
Editor’s note: The deadline to file is actually Friday, Feb. 4, at noon.

•We call this the United States. We used to say “united we stand, divided we fall,” but no one in Washington can decide something without fighting or having special sessions. We aren’t united anymore; we should just call this the States.

•I noticed on TV they are really pushing the vaccines and boosters. I had both my vaccinations in the spring. I am not getting stuck with a needle every time an official tells me to on TV. I don’t blame people for not getting them. At this point, I recommend not to.

•Am I the only one who gets aggravated when we have severe storms? They keep repeating the same thing over and over. People get tired and turn the TV off then and, if something was important in their area, they won’t hear it.

•I would like to thank everyone who took the time to decorate the outside of their homes. I also would like to thank all the town employees who decorated the towns. The weather was so warm it was hard to get into the holiday spirit, but seeing all the lights and decorations really helped.

•Has anyone noticed that the stop light situation has gotten so much better?

•Please remember to check on your neighbors as the weather gets colder.

•Amazon at Lanesville is a blessing for Harrison County residents. It will create jobs close to home with good pay and great benefits. Economic development will follow. This will be a blessing for the county.

•Please remember that if you see any animal outside in this cold weather that do not have any warm shelter, please call the Harrison County Animal (Control). You have to be the animal’s voice.
Editor’s note: The phone number for Harrison County Animal Control is 812-738-8163.

•I am thankful for the new historical marker for the first State Office Building. Where it was previously gave the impression that it was the first State Capitol.

•This is the only way I can get a hold of someone, but there is a white Jeep sitting under my canopy on Highway 62. It is full of your stuff, so please come move it.

•This is for everyone not vaccinated. My brother was not vaccinated, and he died an hour ago. Wake up; it is real.

•I just want to say some of these roads out here are starting to shape up that have been paved.

•I am calling about the IRS. It has been eight months and nothing has been done about my refund.