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January 5, 2022

January 5, 2022 January 5, 2022

15 years ago

January 3, 2007

Indiana residents who need to use the state’s welfare programs will see some major changes this year in applying for public assistant programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and temporary assistance for needy families (TANF). But those who currently receive benefits from those programs should not see any delays or changes in current benefits. Gov. Mitch Daniels signed a $1.16 billion contract last week to play an IBM Corp.-led team to help modernize the state’s eligibility system, which Daniels says will reduce error in human service programs like food stamps and Medicaid.

Married couples filing for divorce in Harrison County could wind up in criminal court, but it will still be legal. To equalize the case load between Superior Court (which handles criminal cases) and Circuit Court (which handles “dissolution of marriage” cases), the Indiana Supreme Court has approved filing every fourth divorce in Superior Court. The ruling, however, applies only to Harrison Circuit and Superior courts, per the two judges’ requests.

A $270,000 request in riverboat dollars was made last week by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners for development of a higher education learning facility in Harrison County. J.R. Eckart, commissioner chair, told the council, Harrison County’s fiscal body, that the proposal for a higher education facility is still in the planning stage. Eckart said the appropriation of funds would allow the seven-member committee formed to look at the options of a higher education facility to know what parameters within which they will work.

Lanesville’s first-ever trip to historic Hinkle Fieldhouse to face off against No. 1-ranked Barr-Reeve in the Super Hoops New Year’s Classic wasn’t quite veni, vidi, vici. But it was close. The Eagles, ranked No. 4 in Class 1A in the final poll of 2006, led early against Barr-Reeve, trailed by as many as 14 with 4:51 left in the game, then cut the deficit to three with less than a minute remaining before falling to the top-ranked Vikings, 57-48. Suffering its first loss of the season wasn’t what Lanesville had in mind when it headed to Indianapolis Saturday morning, but head coach Mikel Miller said he knows the shortcomings during the game are things that can be fixed easily.

Deaths: Hugh R. Becker, 85; Phyllis (Jeanne) Walther, 68; Dianne Merideth, 63; Laura Bishop, 56; Goldia J. Sherron, 74; Inez Eckert, 96; Joy Dunn, 74; Clyde W. Smith, 83; James B. Brewer, 88; Donald E. Schiery Sr., 75.

25 years ago

January 8, 1997

They’re gathering this weekend for one last family reunion at Frank and Judy O’Bannon’s home in Indianapolis. “We should have over 30 or 40 people in counting all the kids,” Frank said yesterday afternoon. “It’s probably the last time we’ll have everybody here in the home we’ve enjoyed very much over the last eight year.” Thirty or 40 people notwithstanding, this is no ordinary family gathering. First, there will be a dinner and ball Sunday night and a special breakfast Monday. But the real reason for the get-together is Frank L. O’Bannon’s inauguration as Indiana’s 47th governor.

Changes were expected when the Harrison County Board of Commissioners convened for the first time in 1997. Monday morning, at the first meeting of the year, changes weren’t long in coming. The board’s first order of business was to name a chair. Ed Emily, who won re-election in November, nominated Steve Haggard. Haggard, the former county councilman who knocked off incumbent commissioner Kenneth Saulman in November, seconded the nomination and thus replaced former chair Terry Miller. Next was the selection of a vice chair for the board; Miller nominated Emily, and Haggard seconded.

When Congress severely slashed the National Endowment for the Arts funding last year, it caused little stir in Harrison County. The consensus was that only entities based in big cities, such as performing arts organizations and opera companies, would feel the crunch. If Harrison Countians had an opinion, they might have focused on criticism of NEA support policies by conservative Congressmen that led to the budget cuts. Arts advocates warned that small communities would suffer because the Indiana Arts Commission, whose annual budget was slashed by 40 percent as a result of fewer NEA funds, would mean less local grant funding.

Corydon Central’s wrestlers locked up another winning season — their 16th straight — last weekend with a couple of victories in the Kentuckiana Super Duals at Floyd Central. Battling through various aches and ailments, the Panthers (13-7-1) wrestled seven times in less than 24 hours Friday night and Saturday. They defeated Jeffersonville (42-35) and DeSales (39-33), tied ninth-ranked Fern Creek (36-36) and lost to Floyd Central (60-18), New Albany (39-36), top-ranked St. X (52-15) and third-ranked Woodford County (68-6). “It wasn’t a nightmare, but it was pretty twilight-zone-like,” said coach Richard Clipp.

Deaths: The Rev. James P. Haas, 80; Donald Walker, 59; Mildred Sillings, 67; Loretta Becht, 87; Alvin Stump Sr., 82; R. Scott Helmer, 31; Dennis E. Stucker, 78; Lillie B. Fessel, 95; Beatrice Brandenburg, 76; Jeanette Smith, 66; Mary K. Hinke.

50 years ago

January 5, 1972

The Corydon Jaycees had their outstanding awards meeting Monday night at Heuser’s Stagecoach Restaurant in Palmyra. The Jaycees Outstanding Citizen of the Year was presented to Mrs. Paul Conrad; Outstanding Educator is Mrs. Lawrence Fluhr; Outstanding Farmer is Larry Day; and Outstanding Jaycee for 1971 is Dudley Capelle.

Joe E. Stepro retired last week from his work with the Eureka Telephone Co.

Holly Rachel Knear, daughter of Richard and Barbara Knear of Elizabeth, has been selected to be the poster child for the Harrison County Chapter March of Dimes for 1972. She is 4-1/2 years old.

Scott Victor Lincoln is the first baby born in Harrison County Hospital in the new year. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Lincoln, Milltown.

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Sieveking recently purchased the business at New Salisbury known for many years as Davis Standard Service, operated by Lorraine Davis of Palmyra. Mr. and Mrs. Sieveking also operate a fast-food outlet and car wash near New Salisbury.

Births: Boys — Sharon Chinley, Jennifer Roser, Mary Rose Block, Deborah Dukes, Mrs. Thomas Pritchard, Mrs. Rick Arnold, Mrs. E.J. Eckart; girls — Betty Breeding, Linda St. Yves, Rofenia Muntz.

Deaths: William T. Hisey, 80; Lum B. Curts, 83; Austin (Jocko) Timberlake, 63; Myrtle Munzer, 78; Avis E. Emily Sr., 66; Cliff Elliot, 65; Theresia Hess, 82; John D. Peed, 63; David I. Breeden, 40; Albert Wiseman, 72.

65 years ago

January 2, 1957

Three of the eight casts caught coons in the Old Capitol Coonhunters Club wild coon hunt last Friday night. A coon weighing 13-1/2 pounds was caught by dogs owned by Kenneth Brown, Earl Hayden and Lewis Enlow. Dogs owned by John Snyder, William Love and Ivan Kellum caught an 8-3/4-pound coon and dogs owned by Richman Crosier, Mr. Shaffer of New Middletown and Mr. Zink of Campbellsburg caught a 7-3/4-pound coon. All owners won beautiful trophies.

Miss Marilyn Rhodes has accepted employment part time at the Old Capital Bank and Trust Co. She is a senior at Corydon Central High School.

Capt. Roland Reich, who has been with the U.S. Air Force in Japan for 1-1/2 years, is spending a leave with Mrs. Reich and sons, Stephen and Robert.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Board Byrns, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Philpot, Mr. and Mrs. Bob C. Coffman, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Schuley, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sigler, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Craton; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Saltsgaver, Mr. and Mrs. George Goldman, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Zabel, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crandall, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bauer.

Deaths: Mack Meadors; Alice Jupin, 53; Richard Cunningham, 91; Elsie Laudsaw, 70; Jasper D. Gilley, 58; Frances Hasselback, 75; Mahala Huffman, 90; Lydia Minter, 73; Henry Garner; James N. Davis, 83; Betty Jean Chambers; Charles Yocum, 33; Margaret Hurst, 89.

75 years ago

January 8, 1947

Five young men who are students at St. Meinrad Abbey returned to their studies this week after visiting their parents over the holidays. They are Fred Uhl, Huston Ernstberger, Bobby Spalding, Glenn Keinsley and Vincent Schmelz.

Local Red Cross makes garments for children overseas. Mrs. Maurice Griffin is the local chairman. Many county women along with lots of high school girls are helping in the project.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Timberlake; girls — Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Davis.

Deaths: James Robinson, 72; William C. Miller, 66; Donella Dora, infant; Rollie E. Johnson, 72; George P. Kincaid, 82; Ezra Sandbach, 82.

100 years ago

January 11, 1922

Mrs. Anna Faith and Mrs. George Stepro visited Wednesday with Mrs. Faith’s daughter, Mrs. Andrew Bruce, near Mauckport.

Wayne Kirkham of Elizabeth, being seized with an acute attack of appendicitis, was rushed to Louisville last Sunday night where he was operated on. At last account, he was doing well.

Births: Boys — none; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Fried, Mr. and Mrs. John Askren.

Deaths: Mrs. Margaret Gutskese, 80; Thomas W. Zimmerman, 65; Mrs. Sophia Jenkins, 83; Mary Margaret McAdams, 78; Mrs. Hazel B. Deweese, 28; Mrs. Rosena Englert, 8; Andrew Woertz, 50.