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HC Council closes out 2021 tying up loose ends

HC Council closes out 2021 tying up loose ends HC Council closes out 2021 tying up loose ends
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

In the last governing body meeting of 2021, the Harrison County Council tied up a few loose ends for transfers in various departments to cover the end of the year and heard the first requests for a few funding options.

Kevin Russel, county engineer and director of the highway department, approached the council to request an $100,760 additional to be taken from riverboat to purchase parcel number 4 for the Lanesville connector road.

The original offer from the highway department was $57,780 for the purchase, which was countered at $158,540. The request for the $100,760 would be to cover the remaining balance.

After discussion, the council deemed it would be more expensive to go through mitigation or legal costs to attempt to get the price reduced. They will vote on this matter at their next meeting, which will be Monday at 7 p.m. at the government center in Corydon.

Also in regard to the Lanesville connector road project, Russel said he recently received LPA contracts from the Indiana Dept. of Transportation to be finalized between INDOT and the county for the mitigation costs that are necessary to the project.

The total cost for this is $1,563,200. INDOT is committed to paying 80% of that, which is $1,250,560, meaning Harrison County’s part in the agreement will be for $312,640. The council will also vote on this matter at the next meeting.

Council president Donnie Hussung also shared the request of the sheriff’s department for $200,000 for the purchase of new vehicles for the fleet. He said he believed this was an annual request that didn’t occur last year due to other expenses.

During the transfer portion of the meeting, the council unanimously approved to move $56,593 out of riverboat funds for road officers to school resource officers.

They also moved $19,086 out of overtime in the parks department to help with pay outs for compensated time for 2021. Of that, $4,867 goes to the park manager, $611 to the bookkeeper, $4,688 to the promotion and events director, $5,880 to the director, $640 to the office manager and $2,400 to the PERF line.

The prosecutor’s request for a transfer was also approved at the meeting for $11,386 from the part-time employees line to be moved to two other lines. About $9,000 will be moved to the office assistant and bad check lines and a little more than $1,000 will be moved to the PERF line. County auditor Chad Shireman shared this was due to the elimination of a position during the year and was needed to be transferred to cover the last payroll.

The council will continue to meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m.