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December 22, 2021

• … What is the county going to do with all the (COVID-19) cases? Wear a mask.

•The employees for customer-service jobs blame their companies for not hiring people to take care of problems. I wish all those employees a very merry Christmas for working during the holidays.

•Someone explain how you can be African-American just because you are black and from America? You are either from America or you are not. Dave Matthews is from South Africa and is white, but he could be considered an African-America because he is from there. …

•I want to make a suggestion to … fast-food (chains). We are all trying to get through things that have happened because of COVID, but waiting for 30 minutes in a drive-thru line is ridiculous.

•It’s amazing how many Americans are totally devoid of compassion and think, if a human being can’t work, they deserve to starve. Then, they’ll go to a Christmas Eve service at church to celebrate the birth of a poor man who told them to feed the poor.