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December 15, 2021

December 15, 2021 December 15, 2021

•The gas prices are so high that (it’s difficult to) attend anything that is special to you. We have friends getting married on Christmas Eve, and we can’t go to the wedding because of gas prices.

•After reading the Dec. 8 (letter to the editor) by Sandra Gettelfinger, she takes Trey Hollingsworth to task for a lot of the problems in the United States. I wonder if she realizes the Democrats have a majority in the House and Senate. I think you are holding the wrong people accountable.

•I am a disabled veteran and was driving through New Salisbury. I noticed the POW flag at the post office there is tattered and messed up. Since the anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming up, could we get a new one?

•Anyone on government assistance should be required to work 32 hours a week. Everyone is hiring, and there are too many vacancies out there. Get a … job.

•I just (read) where Mr. (Jim) Heitkemper and Mr. (Nelson) Stepro have spent hours researching zoning for Amazon. I would like to know how many of those hours was with the residents who would be directly impacted?

•Whoever took my sweater while I was shopping at Walmart, have a very merry Christmas.

•From the Bureau of Labor Statistics this week, inflation for November 2021 was 6.8%. A year ago it was 1.2%. This is driven by fuel costs. We are under an administration who have said they want to eliminate fossil fuels. We need a new government leader.

•I’m calling because people need to be extra nice to others. If you can move your body, let someone with a cane or walker in while holding the door for them. I have seen people ignore those who have disabilities so much lately. Everyone wants to help everyone; let’s start there.