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Proof sought that Congress is really trying to solve nations problems

I received information from Trey Hollingsworth that he is working on securing our borders for our safety and well-being. This is a good thing. My friends and I would like to know how he is doing this, because we all know words are cheap, especially in these times.

We are all aware that the immigration process is broken and that a “Comprehensive Immigration Program” needs to address this dire situation not with the mindset of 40 years ago. We need to assess our country’s part in our approach to foreign governments and how that plays into today’s conditions, as we see people fleeing their homes. Fleeing one’s country is not normal. Who wants to leave all that they love and lived for? Trey, do you have a piece of legislation that addresses this?

What sort of policies do you have to stop the flow of armor, ammunitions and guns that are channeled to the cartel from the United States? The cartel not only supplies illegal drugs to the U.S., but terrorizes Mexican citizens with brutal force, with guns we have provided them. Thus, many are fleeing for their own safety, yet we do little to stop that from happening. Trey, do you think if we did, many would stay in the comfort and safety of their homes and their pueblos? I think they would rather than make that dangerous journey to the U.S.

Trey, are you supporting efforts that would help mitigate the flooding of family homes or drought-parched farmlands due to droughts and climate change? That would really help secure our borders, then people would have homes and food to stabilize them. Everyone knows that the deepest drive within the heart of a good mother or father is to feed, house and keep their loved ones safe.

Now, we know you know the concept of supply and demand, so please tell us what piece of legislation you support or have created to address the drugs coming across the border. Because as a good capitalist, you know there must be a demand in this country in order for the Mexican cartel to supply, so surely in order to make our borders secure and our citizens safe you are proposing rehab centers, support groups and financing studies to understand why so many are turning to the use of drugs. Are they hopeless, homeless? Are social and financial inequities a driving force? Are you working and doing something about this deadly issue?

So, in closing, I hope you aren’t giving us all a 15-second framing of something you aren’t really doing. I hope that you will take this opportunity and respond through this newspaper of all the bills, policies and legislation you and fellow colleagues are working on. We need you all to work together at solving the problem you have identified and start giving us real solutions.

Question of the week: Do you think Congress, including Trey Hollingsworth, is really trying to bring solutions to the needs of our country?

Sandy Gettelfinger

Corydon, Ind.