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Plan commission issues 65 permits

Plan commission issues 65 permits Plan commission issues 65 permits

Sixty-five building permits were issued in October, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, 17 were for single-family houses, to Infinity Homes & Development in Harrison Township (two), B Z Properties LLC in Jackson Township, Steve Thieneman Builders in Jackson Township (three), Howard and Margaret Saylor in Harrison Township, Brian LaHue in Harrison Township, Sanders Development Corp. in Heth Township, Timothy and Leah Coffman in Harrison Township, Christopher and Shawn Metzroth in Heth Township, Wayne E. and Priscella Kannapel in Boone Township, Michele Elzy in Franklin Township, Dresner Family Investments LLC in Webster Township, Brandon and Christina Wiseman in Posey Township, Joshua and Amanda Masterson in Harrison Township, Martin Kemp in Webster Township.

Five permits were issued for mobile homes, to Tri-Central Leasing Inc. in Harrison Township, Austin Bary in Spencer Township, Amanda and Paul Hendrick in Harrison Township, Ivan Zollman in Harrison Township and John and Danielle Sloan in Taylor Township.

Other permits issued were for four additions, two alterations, one carport, two decks, 16 electricals, three garages, four pools and 11 storage buildings as follows:

Addition — John Wyatt, Posey; Jesse Nessmith, Spencer; John Avery, Boone; Patricia Ann Thompson, Harrison.

Alterations — Pauline Nale, Spencer; Sam Kodali, Franklin.

Carport — Robin Meredith, Morgan.

Decks — Lloyd and Ruth Smith, Jackson; Cory Laswell, Jackson.

Electrical — Brian and Angela Clapp, Blue River; Zachary Needler, Boone; Dennis and Rebecca Fessel, Webster; Karl E. Ferree Jr., Webster; Beckort Auctions, Town of Corydon; Robert Allen, Harrison; Nevin and Christie Ledford, Harrison; Sam and Tracy Mills, Taylor; Amanda Bennett, Harrison; Corydon Machine & Tool, Harrison; Jason Harmon, Heth; Larry Buechler, Morgan; Steve Summers, Webster; Austin R. McKinney, Posey; Austin Fites, Harrison; Brett Nugent, Boone.

Garages — Shaun Cain, Harrison; B Z Properties LLC, Jackson; Ronald Bedwell, Franklin.

Pools — Tracy Timberlake, Harrison; Christopher and Tracy Gehl, Harrison; Noah and Brianna Wetzel, Jackson; William J. and Doris Waiz, Jackson.

Storage — Julie Withers, Jackson; Jayson and Julia Hensley, Harrison; Stanley Davis, Posey; Aaron and Linda Gohl, Boone; AMS 2021 BTS, Franklin; Richard Baker, Franklin; Keith and Millicent Wright, Franklin; Earl Hood, Harrison; Joseph and Deanna Behr, Posey; Tipton Lett, Heth; Karen and John Dutton, Blue River.