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Panthers topple North, Crawford in home opener

Panthers topple North, Crawford in home opener
Panthers topple North, Crawford in home opener
Photo by Brandon Miniard. Corydon Central’s Bryson Rowley, left, shakes hands with North Harrison’s Amara Black before their match in the 120 weight class during a double dual between the host Panthers, Cougars and Crawford County last Tuesday. Rowley pinned Black to finish a 2-0 day and move to 9-0 on the season.
By Brandon Miniard, Sports Writer, [email protected]

The energy at the main gymnasium at Corydon Central High School was on a slow, upward trajectory throughout last Tuesday night as the Panthers hosted the North Harrison Cougars and the Crawford County Wolfpack for a double dual on the wrestling mat.
There was little fanfare aside from instructions from coaches in the early stages of the contest. That changed, however, when the arch-rival Panthers and Cougars began to throw down, the audio levels rising with each match between the two teams.
Despite having the intensity of a post-season meet, the hosts handled the Cougars 53-18 to cap off a sweep of the three-way affair.
Before the Panthers squared off with the Cougars, they kicked off the dual against the Wolfpack. With the Wolfpack fielding only six grapplers, the Panthers took a hefty advantage by way of forfeits in seven different weight classes, handing victories to Jayden Owsley, Darius Megnin, A.J. Gooch, Dylan Gentry, Caleb Carroll, John-athan Henke and Seth Johnson.
What matches did take place put the Panthers at an early advantage, starting with Bryson Rowley at 120 and Zane Schreck at 126 scoring pins against the Wolfpack’s Elijah Dolen and Riley Highbaugh, respectively. The Wolfpack’s Gus Wright managed to get his team on the board in the 152 weight class when he pinned the Panthers’ Owen Stanley.
The Panthers’ Kaden Owen took the most time to pin his opponent, the Wolfpack’s Sylvia Wright, resulting in the only match between the two to go into the second period. The Wolfpack managed a few more points with forfeits resulting in victories for last year’s state qualifier Donnie Feeler at 106 and Cassidy Atkins at 113, giving the Panthers a final 60-18 score.
The Wolfpack’s night wasn’t over yet as they quickly returned to the mat to take on the Cougars minutes later. Dolen redeemed himself at 120 when he needed less than 30 seconds to pin the Cougars’ Amara Black. The Cougars quickly regained momentum when Ashton McGinnis pinned Highbaugh, though Gus Wright once again proved superior at 152 as he pinned Gavin Gibson.
Michael Thompson finished off the Cougars’ victories as he pinned Sylvia Wright, though, just like with the Panthers, the Cougars were carried primarily by the Wolfpack’s lack of depth. Kohen Broughton, Gunner Pate, Pearce Hubbert, Parker Rhodes, Noah Kendall, Jackson Emerson, Seth Kendall and Landon King all won via forfeit for the Cougars while the Wolfpack again saw Feeler and Atkins go unopposed, resulting in a 66-24 victory for the Cougars.
With the Wolfpack’s night at an end, the Harrison County rivals took to the mat. Rowley needed exactly a minute and a half to pin Black at 120, while Schreck didn’t need much more time to do the same to McGinnis at 126.
The two pins resulted in a huge swing of momentum for the Panthers as the next four weight classes saw Panther pins as Owsley (132), Megnin (138), Gooch (145) and Stanley (152) subdued Broughton, Pate, Hubbert and Gibson, respectively. After six consecutive pins at their expense, the Cougars finally got on the board at 160 when Rhodes pinned Gentry in just over three minutes.
Owen and Carroll scored two more pins for the Panthers at 170 and 182 over Thompson and Noah Ken-
dall, respectively, before the Cougars’ Emerson needed less than 30 seconds to pin Henke.
Seth Kendall enjoyed an easy night as he won his bout at 220 by forfeit before the night concluded with a matchup at 285 between the Panthers’ Johnson and Cougars’ King. The two heavyweights grappled for just over 3-1/2 minutes before Johnson pinned King to seal the Panthers’ 53-18 victory.

Individual Results
Corydon Central 60, Crawford County 18: 106 – Donnie Feeler (Craw) won via forfeit; 113 – Cassidy Atkins (Craw) won via forfeit; 120 – Bryson Rowley (Cory) pinned Elijah Dolen (Craw), 1:03; 126 – Zane Schreck (Cory) pinned Riley Highbaugh (Craw), 0:31; 132 – Jayden Owsley (Cory) won via forfeit; 138 – Darius Megnin (Cory) won via forfeit; 145 – A.J. Gooch (Cory) won via forfeit; 152 – Gus Wright (Craw) pinned Owen Stanley (Cory), 0:46; 160 – Dylan Gentry (Cory) won via forfeit; 170 – Kaden Owen (Cory) pinned Sylvia Wright (Craw), 5:08; 182 – Caleb Carroll (Cory) won via forfeit; 195 – Johnathan Henke (Cory) won via forfeit; 285 – Seth Johnson (Cory) won via forfeit.
North Harrison 66, Crawford County 24: 106 – Donnie Feeler (Craw) won via forfeit; 113 – Cassidy Atkins (Craw) won via forfeit; 120 – Elijah Dolen (Craw) pinned Amara Black (NH), 0:28; 126 – Ashton McGinnis (NH) pinned Riley Highbaugh (Craw), 1:24; 132 – Kohen Broughton (NH) won via forfeit; 138 – Gunner Pate (NH) won via forfeit; 145 – Pearce Hubbert (NH) won via forfeit; 152 – Gus Wright (Craw) pinned Gavin Gibson (NH), 1:34; 160 – Parker Rhodes (NH) won via forfeit; 170 – Michael Thompson (NH) pinned Sylvia Wright (Craw), 1:26; 182 – Noah Kendall (NH) won via forfeit; 195 – Jackson Emerson (NH) won via forfeit; 220 – Seth Kendall (NH) won via forfeit; 285 – Landon King (NH) won via forfeit.
Corydon Central 53, North Harrison 18: 120 – Bryson Rowley (Cory) pinned Amara Black (NH), 1:30; 126 – Zane Schreck (Cory) pinned Ashton McGinnis (NH), 1:41; 132 – Jayden Owsley (Cory) pinned Kohen Broughton (NH), 1:56; 138 – Darius Megnin (Cory) pinned Gunner Pate (NH), 2:20; 145 – A.J. Gooch (Cory) def. Pearce Hubbert (NH), 16-0; 152 – Owen Stanley (Cory) pinned Gavin Gibson (NH), 2:29; 160 – Parker Rhodes (NH) pinned Dylan Gentry (Cory), 3:04; 170 – Kaden Owen (Cory) pinned Michael Thompson (NH), 2:32; 182 – Caleb Carroll (Cory) pinned Noah Kendall (NH), 5:11; 195 – Jackson Emerson (NH) pinned Johnathan Henke (Cory), 0:28; 220 – Seth Kendall (NH) won via forfeit; 285 – Seth Johnson (Cory) pinned Landon King (NH), 3:36.