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Christian conservatives appear to make up own rules regarding WWJD

Recently, I was scanning my TV channels and came across one called Christian Broadcast Network. I listened to parts of the programming off and on for a while. What intrigued me was they were consistently covering Israel and raising money for its programs, which is a good thing, helping people no matter what their faith. They often praised Israel for taking in immigrants, 16,000 in 2020, which is a lot, considering the tiny size of Israel.
What got my attention was when CBN discussed our southern border, their attitude toward immigrants for some reason changed. In fact, I heard Pat Robertson say during a show that all these people coming from the border were just taking jobs away from Americans, even though American farmers were begging for workers. (Pat Robertson is one of the founders of the network, now retired.)
In thinking about this, I wondered what Jesus would say if he were standing on the bank of the Rio Grande River, watching the thousands of poor, starving destitute people attempting to cross the river. Many of the women were carrying small children or babies, hoping to find relief from the agony and suffering they had endured. Behind Jesus lies the United States, a country that throws away enough food each day to feed a million people. A country where almost every business has “Help Wanted” signs in their windows, most for unskilled labor. I can imagine Jesus with outstretched arms, waving his hands, saying, “Come.”
So, this is my dilemma: Why would a group of Christians be so opposed to letting immigrants into their country while at the same time applauding others for allowing them to enter? Shouldn’t they be on the side of poor people and want to increase the number of immigrants? Shouldn’t they be championing the influx of immigrants? It makes no sense.
If the USA took in as many immigrants as Israel in proportion to size, it would be seven million per year. The people on CBN call themselves Christian conservatives, not for sure what that means. It appears they make up their own rules in following his teachings, leaving out the ones they don’t like.
So much for taking Jesus seriously.
Spence Wade
Leavenworth, Ind.