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Lanesville latest to give teacher raises

Lanesville latest to give teacher raises Lanesville latest to give teacher raises
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Lanesville Community School Corp. teachers can expect to see a raise on their next paycheck after the board of trustees passed the new contract at its meeting last Tuesday evening.

The starting salary for a teacher at Lanesville was raised to $40,500 this year, up from $37,500 in 2020-21. As a result, each step on the existing salary schedule was also raised by a comparable amount, according to the contract.

Returning teachers will receive a raise of $4,200 this year and $1,700 next year, which includes the salary step increase.

Non-certified staff members also received raises varying between $1.50 and $5, based upon their job title. Custodians received the largest hourly wage increase as Lanesville is currently looking to expand its existing staff, according to Superintendent Steve Morris.

In addition to the salary increase, the new contract provided the following:

• 1% of salary each year for 2021-22 and 2022-23 for VEBA plans.

• TRF savings deposited to VEBA accounts (approximately $40,000 each year).

• Leave day buyback was raised from $75 to $85 per day.

• Retirement severance was raised from $75 to $85 per day with a 75-day maximum.

• Health Insurance plans will see a 7% increase in current flat dollar contributions among all plans. Those on an existing HSA will receive a $1,000 contribution each of the next two years. Those switching from a PPO plan to an HSA plan in 2022 will receive a contribution of $1,500.

• Tuition reimbursement option for two classes per school year.

• Summer training wages raised from $100 to $150 per day.

• Dental insurance contribution raised by $1.

• ECA positions raised and standardized across categories.

• Category I and Category II teacher levels (B.A., M.A.) maintained which ensures a pay increase each year.

With the new salary contract signed, certified staff will receive a back-pay check on Nov. 19 to reflect the new salary schedule for this year. All staff will receive their new salary rates on the Nov. 26 payroll.

The board also approved to raise the daily substitute rate from $70 to $80.

“We are pleased to have a contract that increases salaries and benefits and recognizes all the hard work our teachers and staff do each day on behalf of students,” Morris said. “I’m thankful for a caring community that supports our school and a group of teachers and support staff who do great work with kids.”

In other business at the meeting, it was shared that the annual ELF program, which gives food and presents to families in need during the holiday season, is slated to start soon. The corporation will host a canned food drive Dec. 6 to 17, and shopping for presents and other items for those in need will take place on Dec. 11.

Morris also publicly thanked the Harrison County Community Foundation for its contribution toward the corporation’s dual-credit program for students. He said they were able to sign a grant agreement for $12,500, which will cover the program expenses for students.

The board’s next regular meeting is set for Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 5:30 p.m.