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Crawford duo create Shrine’s Legacy game

Crawford duo create Shrine’s Legacy game Crawford duo create Shrine’s Legacy game
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Turning a passion and dream into a career is something many people hope to achieve, and Alan Gabbard and Joseph Duke have found a way to do just that. Both have had a passion for video games from a young age and recently raised nearly $37,000 to create their own video game, Shrine’s Legacy.

The pair, both now 30, met at Crawford County Junior-Senior High School and instantly bonded over their love for video games. Duke started playing around with building simple video games around sixth grade on a program called GameMaker, which he still uses today.

“When I met Joseph in high school, he asked me if I wanted to write a story for a game he would program and make graphics for since I had a passion for writing fictional stories,” Gabbard said. “It kind of snowballed from there until we eventually found the time to dedicate to making our first commercial game, Shrine’s Legacy.”

Shrine’s Legacy is a part of the pair’s larger business, Positive Concept Games, where Gabbard serves as the creative director and Duke is the technical director.

In the game, players follow characters Rio and Reims as they battle through dungeons, puzzles and bosses to reunite the elements. According to Gabbard, the game concept was largely inspired by Super Nintendo games of the role-playing game genre. The storyline drew inspiration from a childhood story that Gabbard would tell his younger brother before bedtime.

The duo wanted to avoid getting a publisher to help fund the game in order to remain independent. That is what drew them to creating a Kickstarter campaign to generate the financial backing.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects and allows donors to choose levels of donations with varying rewards based on donation amount. For example, if someone donated $15, they will receive a digital copy of the game once it’s released. For the highest donation option of $3,000, donors would receive producer credits.

“Despite us spending a year in preparation for it, when I launched the campaign, I had no idea what to expect,” Duke said. “It’s a little surreal that 635 backers helped make it successful.”

Shrine’s Legacy is set to launch sometime in mid-2023. People can play it first on Windows PC and hopefully other consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, sometime after the launch.

The pair said they are hopeful they will generate enough income from the launch of the game to fund their next gaming project.

“The goal for our next project is to take everything we learned while making Shrine’s Legacy and use that to make a game with a more unique premise that’s also very precise with its design,” Duke said. “Look forward to more specific information about it once Shrine’s Legacy has been released for a while.”

There’s currently a lengthy demo for Shrine’s Legacy available to play for free via the pair’s website, If you want to keep track of the project and progress, the best place to do so is Twitter: