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New Middletown High School

The New Middletown Alumni Association had its homecoming banquet Sept. 25 at the Bethany United Methodist Church fellowship hall, with approximately 38 people present. Berneice Sonner catered the meal.

James Wolfe, association president, welcomed the alumni and guests and gave the invocation. He also led the memorial observance for the following who had passed since the 2019 banquet: 1937 β€” Bryon Mauck; 1940 β€” Vivian Bird; 1942 β€” Albert Shewmaker, Hazel White, Dr. Stanley Seipel; 1943 β€” Meredith Meyer; 1946 β€” Jean Geswein; 1948 β€” Jay Wolfe, Clarence Melton, Kenny Weis; 1949 β€” Helen Philpott, Molly Pendleton, Donald Seipel; 1951 β€” Max Rupp, Leonard Sonny Combs, Norma Pendleton, Ruth Gerdon; 1953 β€” Tom Gibson, Gerald Meyer; 1954 β€” Shirley Rupp, Kenny Gehlbach; 1955 (Junior) β€” Phyllis Gleitz, Mary Catherine Stiner, Delores McNutt Leffler; and 1956 (Sophomore) β€” Jenalea Kiger, Gilbert Wiseman.

Those honored were the classes of 1946 β€” Paul Higginbotham and Julia Baker; 1950 β€” Merlin Lillpop, Virginia Walther and Ruby Melton; 1951 β€” Rita Schaffer, Carl Albin and Sam Wolfe; 1955 (Juniors) β€” Dorothy Shireman, Carolyn Straub and Jack Walker; and 1955 (Sophomores) β€” Betty Byrd, Nancy Richert and Hattie Davis.

Kimi Wolfe (junior) and Wesley Wolfe (senior) were awarded the Bus Wolfe Memorial Award by James Wolfe for their excellence in athletics and achievement in their school work. Kimi excelled in tennis and volleyball, and Wesley excelled in track and wrestling.

The program concluded with everyone singing β€œGod Be With You ’Til We Meet Again.”

Next year’s banquet will be Sept. 24 at 1:30 p.m. at the Bethany UMC fellowship hall. The following are officers: Jim Wolfe, president; Thelma Emily, secretary; and Hattie Davis, treasurer.


The Wolfe family had a reunion Oct. 19 at the Bethany United Methodist Church fellowship hall. Those attending were Jim and Phyllis Wolfe, Carl and Barbara Whitman, Martha and Kevin Reed, Dennis, Becky, Ricky and Tyler Fessel, Bryce Weber, John Stewart, Virginia Meade and Virginia Phipps.