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November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021 November 17, 2021

• Don’t you think it’s awful funny that they’re having these early Black Friday sales when the shelves are supposedly empty? Where are they finding this stuff at? What are they doing, going out there with helicopters unloading them ships? …

• Have you ever heard of such crazy, psychotic things such as roads and bridges being racist? …

• I just want to say how … now that deer season is in, we are an older couple. We have a neighbor that shoots from the time he gets off work until dark. They need to think about their neighbors. Terrible. When you get older, people don’t like to hear that. … I don’t mind you shooting a couple times but, come on, for four hours? All weekend? …

• I’ve been watching; you see it every night on the news about getting vaccines and stuff for COVID and stuff. Have you realized, probably, if they hadn’t turned it into such a political thing, that a lot of people that hasn’t got them (might’ve) had them and got them …

• To the lady that lost the money at the post office, I would like to help. Please call O’Bannon Publishing at 812-738-2211 and leave your information and I can call you back.

• Whoever owns the flock of guineas on Highway 62 between Lanesville and Corydon needs to pen up the guineas. I’ve twice had to stop for them to cross the road. Please keep them off the road and prevent a traffic accident.

• I just want to thank Joe Biden for the gas prices that are going out of the roof. I just want to thank Joe Biden for the high prices of food at the grocery store. I just want to thank Joe Biden for the containers out on the sea. People can’t get things that they need now. I’m glad I voted for Trump.

• Today is Nov. 13, 2021. Did you see on the news last night where all these barges with all this food is just backed up, backed up, backed up, back, back. I think it’s a sight. I think it’s terrible. You know, there’s got to be some kind of a system that could help us get that there food on the shelves sitting out there in all that ocean with all them barges all backed up with all that food.

• I’m watching one of the Sunday morning talk shows and the subject is why is Biden’s ratings so low when he got the infrastructure bill passed and is working on the Build Back America Better bill. One of the commentators said people don’t care about roads, bridges, health care or child care when gas and grocery prices are high and, from the anti-Biden comments I see in the Live Wire, I believe he is correct. People need to see that Biden is trying to do something for the working class and give him time to take care of the inflation problem.

• Will somebody please explain to me why all the barges is sitting out there in the river with food? Absolutely loaded with food and cannot get it delivered. Who is responsible for that? Please explain it to me.

• In response to Ray Wilson’s letter to the editor concerning Critical Race Theory on 11-10-21, it was created by Marxists.

• I was calling about the Texas immigration thing. It had on the news that they sent 2,000 back but they didn’t say nothing about the 3,000 that slipped in the United States that everybody else is going to have to pay for. But if they built that border wall, they wouldn’t have all them problems.